• The government should be more specific on the definition of "needy"

    The only people who should get welfare are the following:
    -Lowest income group
    Also, if the government is not specific on this definition, this welfare thing is not going to work as it wont be efficient and the money for people who TRULY need help will be diverted to lazy people.
    There's a chance of people abusing it.
    If you want to get welfare, be a volunteer or something.

  • They Need to be Phased Out

    Entitlements are not free, they are taken away from someone else. Low returns hurt seniors and taxpayers alike. High taxes discourage job creation, reinvestment and expansion. We need to care for seniors, by having a minimum safety net there, and letting them invest in whatever they wish during their working life and put these funds into personal retirement accounts for a secure retirement.

  • But It's Not That Big of a Problem

    I rather vote Democrat and get universal health care (doesn't count I'm treating this as a question about welfare), and some reasonable economic regulation than vote Republican just so we can get rid of welfare (which won't happen). As it is I don't want to get rid of welfare, just make it "not an entitlement". Unless you are disabled you should fill out volunteer hours to get welfare.

  • Too many entitlements

    In our society today, what was once a "want" is now considered a need. What people should be able to provide for themselves are now provided by the government. Entitlements alone are costing more than our government can afford. People should be allowed to be more responsible, and not expect government to pay for so many things. Ultimately, it's the taxpayer that's footing the bill, and we can't keep doing so without bankrupting ourselves as individuals, and the nation.

  • Um...obvious

    All spending is good for the definition. The question one should ask themselves after they correctly answer this one in the negative is - is entitlement spending the most productive possible spending, or could the government spend this money more efficiently and grow the economy in a more efficient way by applying the money to other endeavors? That question requires a lot of work and research to answer, though, and since everyone has an opinion about this topic, regardless of if it is fundamentally incorrect, they do love to share it, don't they?

  • Entitlement Spending Is A Good Thing

    It is no secret that the economy is in bad shape right now. Due to this, any type of spending is good for the economy and can help. The government providing aid for this money does not change the affect that the money has on the economy. In my opinion, some of the people doing the entitlement spending are making wiser decisions than others.

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