Is entitlement spending in the U.S. out of control?

  • Spending across the board is wack.

    I think any and all spending is out of control, but that's the situation we are in. People shouldn't just stop working or demand more benefits. I'm personally a big supporter of government assistance, as in desperate times people look to their government for support, but most people aren't entitled to anything. I have almost nothing to my name, and I'm working to change that. I don't think I'm entitled to anything.

  • Yes, We are Going Bankrupt

    Entitlement Spending is the latest keyword to describe spending on social programs. While investing in these programs is not a bad thing by itself, the government simply can not afford to spend more money than it is bringing in. A better balance of citizens contributing to help each other, and less government is what is needed.

  • Yes, the United States is out of control!

    Entitlement spending is out of control in the United States. People feel that if they quit their job or refuse to work because they know that they are entitled to receive government benefits. The benefits are designed to temporarily help citizens who temporarily need help. People who take advantage of the government benefits because they would rather not work.

  • A bit, yes.

    Entitlement spending is a bit out of control in the United States. It seems these days that any one can get some kind of government benefits, whether it is a grant, unemployment, food stamps or welfare. Some of these programs work, if they are given to people that really need assistance but a majority of time people take advantage of the programs or simply just get them to get them. I think they need to be monitored more closely, and cut back a bit.

  • Entitlement is OK

    You always hear the saying "survival of the fittest". Well to determine if you are one of the fittest, you have to feel some sense of entitlement. I do not see a problem with entitlement in America. It is what drives people to do better and succeed. There is such thing as too much but for the most part it is not a problem.

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