Is entrepreneur Peter Thiel correct in saying that people fear technology?

  • He is correct

    He is correct when he says that people fear technology because at one point every technology is new. People need to get used to the concept or the product. Some of it seems to foreign at times. In addition, there is a lot of talk about enemies being able to invade and take over our technology which actually starts fear up in people.

  • No, people do not generally fear technology.

    In certain contexts people are fearful of specific newly developed technologies, for example a powerful new weapon. However it isn't the idea of advancement that scares them. People have whole-heartedly embraced computers, smartphones, and the internet in recent years; So much so that every one of those is now an integral part of our society.

  • Fear, Or Lack of Trust?

    There are certainly a lot of people out there that are, or think they are, afraid of technology. There does seem to be a lack of trust as opposed to fear though. People understand that, for the most part, technology makes life easier, but there is also a lot of things given up. Privacy, or lack thereof, is becoming a much bigger concern for all of us.

  • No, People do not fear technology.

    People are not afraid of technology. Pop culture has turned technology into a trend. There is always some new innovation being advertised, claiming to change the way we live our lives. People fall for it every time and line up to be apart of the latest trend. These innovations are removing the need for people to communicate and do things on our own. Even though we should be afraid, the sad thing is we never are.

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