Is entropic gravity the real definition of what gravity really is?

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  • Entropic gravity..What gravity really is?

    There is a theory called Entropic Gravity, which describes gravity as an entropic force. It's a highly contested theory, not everyone agrees with it. The origins of this theory go back to Hawking & Bekenstein's research into black hole entropy in the early 1970's. The idea was that if black holes produce tons of entropy.The most recent version of this theory comes from Erik Verlinde in 2011. It reverses the logic of the last 300 years, and describes gravity as an emergent phenomenon, rather than a fundamental phenomenon. It is a consequence of "information associated with the positions of material bodies".This can be explained by an simple example that is , If we go to a surface of a neutron star where the very intense gravity would make us weigh 140 trillion times more than we do on earth.It's enough to significantly raise the entropy of the atoms inside us.So may be the nature tries or tends to raise the entropy of any object. If I hold an apple to a certain height it's entropy is less,but if i let the apple fall,it will have the maximum entropy when it touches the ground. This Gravity cannot be a fundamental force but an emergent force. Like fire is gravity also a Thermodynamic mirage?

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