• It should be a right

    The environment was given to human beings to do with as they see fit, and ruining the environment for others is taking away their universal right to an environment that is suitable. The fact that it is being degraded is cause for concern and organization around the ethic of environmental justice.

  • "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" Doesn't Work When the Environment Kills You

    Part of the basis on which the United States was founded is the idea that we have a right to live our lives on a reasonably happy basis. When large corporations choose to pollute the environment, and we suffer medically as a result, then they are infringing upon the basic rights on which the United States was founded. Therefore, environmental justice has to be a right and not a privilege.

  • It's a right.

    We, as a people, should have the right to live in an environmentally friendly world and we should have a right to raise our children in one. Besides this, we are not the only species on this planet and we should treat every other living thing with a bit of decency.

  • Made Up By Humans

    Environmental justice can actually mean a few different things. Commonly, environmental justice refers to a social movement dealing with the benefits and burdens of environment and having countries share in the responsibilities. It can also refer to the environmental laws, developments, and planning of environmental issues. No matter how you look at the term, environmental justice is a human inventions that we've brought on ourselves. It is neither a right or a privilege.

  • Environmental justice is a privilege

    Environmental justice is a privilege that should not be overlooked. It is not a right that people have so they should not consider that. Most people put a proper amount of focus and emphasis on the environment and it will continue that way for the near future. A proper perspective is needed.

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