Is environmental protection compatible with economic growth?

  • Solar System or other than nuclear power is expensive

    I think all the power that is getting created nowadays are still expensive. When economic is growing they will be able to purchase all of the other things that make a good amount of power. I think even nuclear will harm the environment or human-like it did in China now, But with all other power sources, It will be better.

  • More industries = bigger and better economies

    There is no question that the renewable energy industry, along with other industries, has been helping economies grow and/or stabilize. We have more electricity thanks to more sources of energy, home prices are going up with more solar panels being added to roofs, the extra money saved on using solar panels means people have more money to spend, and hybrid/electric vehicles enhance competition between the oil, automotive, and electric companies. Long story short, renewable energy is the future.

  • Hand in hand

    We already have many healthy examples. At the end of the day it will come down to consumer awareness, already evident to recent booms in new industries such as organic food, hybrid vehicles and biodegradable plastics. Once the demand/awareness tips it will snowball, many larger less agile established companies will fall to the new.

  • Balance is Key in our World

    The Economy is a Man-made System, a system that is currently significantly harming our Environment, something that is keeping the human race alive. Without the Earth's Environment; plants, animals and resources, the Human race would surely die out very quickly. So why are we destroying it for the sake of Money? Why are we destroying it for the sake of a man-made invention? It makes no sense and in my opinion in is too late to make small changes in our lifestyles, dramatic action is needed now, A.S.AP. Things like Consumerism are putting extreme pressure on the Earth's resources, resources that only finite, limited in number. Why are we needlessly using them and then throwing them out? Isn't that like throwing money down the drain and sacrificing the lives of future generations? If you want your children and their children to survive, the future is in your hands. You control the impending future of the Earth's ecosystem and whether or not it will provide for future generations, bearing in mind it is struggling to provide for us now... Take action, we only have one Earth, don't let it succumb to human invention. After all we are the smartest animal of all. Why aren't we showing that?

  • Yes, simply but would take time.

    Even if the green ideologies are based on regulations, and they actually are needed. But if we ban or regulate the pollutions, then we started an amazing new future.
    Imagine industries and corporations working Eco-friendly, all products being organic and still you can make a lot of money. Not only this, it would cause more development.
    If you have some money then your industry of cars,gets popular and you sell millions of electric, hybrid, hydrogen,... Cars and the economy and nature will bloom

  • They are compatible, but only with the right spirit.

    Environmental protection of course is compatible with economic growth, but nations, companies and people first need to be fully aware of that. As long as it is still in debate people will continue doubting it. People and companies will first change their course of action when they know that they are not alone, because otherwise they often don´t see any real reason to change their ways of producing. Also if everyone is convinced that the economy is still able to grow despite the environmental course of action way more energy and effort will float into research of sustainable energy and eco-friendly production which would lead to better and more efficient findings and solutions.

  • Environmental protection is compatible with economic growth.

    With the right techniques.environmental protection is compatible with economic growth.If the people in charge just take a closer look at the situation,then it would be easy to see that environmental protection would be compatible because in the end all the costs associated with pollution would be withdrawn in the long run.

  • Very much so.

    Economic growth is not reliant on causing pollution. There are many industries that can manufacture their products while using green methods. It doesn't have to involve spending high amounts of money to be green. There are also many companies starting up that are selling products that promote environmental protection, so they are making money that way.

  • Growth for growths sake, is the ideology of a cancer cell

    I speak on behalf of Norway, one of the biggest consumers in the world. We change our phones every year, and consume more meat than ever before. Many people are driven to bankruptcy because of consumer debt, even if we have among the highest salaries in the world. Being frugal is what will save the world in the long run.

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