• I can't think of a single game epic hasn't ruined

    Epic is a garbage company that cares about selling skins not making good games. Jesus christ i need apparently 31 more words to submit a comment so im bassically just typing garbage at this point to appease the bot. My next review might be of this website god dammit dammit

  • It's now officially ruined. . .

    They made all ranks 100 mmr less because the f2ps absolutely suck and were stuck in gold so now everyone and their mothers is high rank. Plats are diamonds, Diamonds are champs, Champ 2s are gc, Gc3 are ssl. I'm genuinely considering quitting after playing this game for 3 years

  • Epic is a shit company that cares about money above all else.

    Epic is a shit company that cares about money above all else. Money is more important than employees or customers to them. Just ask their employees who they treat like slaves. A product of capitalism at it's finest. Rocket League is an amazing game. Too bad Psyonix sold out to this bs.

  • Epic servers are horrible

    There's not much more needed to say. Epic servers are hot trash. Plus the economy is absolutely broken. While he original loot box system wasn't the greatest, The blueprint system is even worse. How does it make sense for a cosmetic item to cost up to or more than $20? Oh, And you can't buy just $20 of in game currency. F**k Epic Games, They are the new EA

  • Matchmaking, Player base, Trading, Fun. All Ruined.

    Not only is rocket league selling out, Adding new items to they game for obviously profitable reasons, There doing all this while adding no actual content to a game that desperately needs it. I've been playing for 5 years now. Thousands of hours. Steadily ranking up till i hit champion for the first time, This was before Free To Play. I had immediately ranked in diamond one. Which was a nightmare in itself, However that doesn't account for the fact that the ranking had shifted an entire rank and new players were being ranked in high platinum. If i were not to have solo queued, I may have kept my rank but that's not the case for me and many others. I am now a platinum among silvers. I Purchased this game 5 years ago, And have been fully supportive for at least 4 of those years. But I will no longer be supporting this game, Or the decisions made by Psyonix. What could have been an awesome game, With lots of revenue for tournaments is now an advertisement space for large companies or films, And a "lootbox" hell for its users. The only "New Content" They try and play off are new items, Or LTM Game modes, Which keep in mind are made using the game settings for private matches. Which were all added around 2018. At this point, I feel as if ive put more effort into this debate than than Psyonix has put into Rocket League over the last 3 years. This is my farewell to what once was an amazing game and a masterpiece to the competitive community.

  • Yeah they definitely ruined it. . .

    Theres absolutely no reason why I as a D3- champ 2 player(depends on the playlist) should be seeing players even as low as silver in games where theres nothing they can do whatsoever. Not only is matchmaking completely random for solo players, Due to free to play the amount of players who often bring their low ranking friends has increased dramatically. Epic has yet to even acknowledge any of the numerous complaints that have been made by long time player

  • Getting items sucks

    They switched all the basic wheels and other items that used to be free in the paid version into "Legacy" items. People who played when the game cost money still have these items, But you can earn them from loot crates as a "rare" item. Half the loot crates I open just turn out to be some old ass item that I already own that was once free but now is rebranded to a different rarity. The worst part has to be that they made 99. 9% of all my items unable to be traded up for higher quality items or tradable at all. I now have to use their blueprint system which only serves as a way to make them more money. Instead of just getting items every once in a while as rewards for playing you now get blueprints which cost real money to craft into parts.

  • Another epic fail

    The game used to launch and be playable all the time. Now online play is hit or miss. Another epic fail. They still have the terrible blueprints. Matchmaking is a crap shoot. Psyonix sold out to a garbage money hungry company. Epic doesn't care about users or player experience. Money is their goal. They are ruining rocket league.

  • Playerbase is worse

    The game being f2p there is an influx of very young kids who might have the finger skills to play this game but their tactical thinking is not developed at all making them infuriating for older population to play with, Not to mention the endless amounts of trolls (Current streak:30 games, 18 trolls), And smurfs due to no worries.

  • Yes it is

    When you read the games reviews before Epic took it over they are really good but now that Epic took Psyonix the developer of Rocket League Epic just made the game free and now it is making way less money than usual and the reviews are even worse. Don't even get me started with the battle bus car in the game it's hit box is so small an elephant could miss it let alone a ball. Epic just ruined the game for all the og's and honestly I think Epic is going to do exactly what they did with Fortnite, Ruin a perfectly good game and keep getting desperate

  • They made it free

    There are now more players. Leading to faster queue times. Epic has not done anything wrong with it, And the fact that this is even a question should not have to be asked. To this I Say: "what would you rather have? A small player base or a very diverse player base

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