• Yes, in some ways equality is a reality.

    I do believe that equality exists in America, and technically anyone can get to the top. Technically. The real problem is that whatever income bracket one's parents are in, that is often the income bracket that person stays in as an adult. For example, often children of rich parents are wealthy; children of poor parents stay poor. It's a rare instance when someone breaks through that income barrier. Economic issues can hold people back from fulfilling their full potential. Technically, they have a chance. But it's harder, as an example, for a poor person to become a politician than it is for a rich person to.

  • More so than other places

    People misunderstand the meaning of equality when used in America - equality means equality in rights and in the eyes of the law, not any other equality. In America, regardless of the real numbers, there is a true social and economic mobility: anybody can, at least in theory, and have, raise themselves up, even if it happens less than before.

  • Equality Can't Ever

    The public education system is a great example of this because students who have trouble passing a class and fail the test(s) are put on drugs that are basically cocaine and then forced to do something they have no interest doing. All so they can get to college which some students may not even want. This is very unfair and it shows inequality at school.

  • No one cares about people

    No one in america thinks that we are all equal. They All think everyone is lower than them. I think that this is no reality for a society like the US to ever be an equal place to live in this world. Even though all men are created equal. Thats what I think

  • Equality Doesn't Exist

    While many people are open and willing to make equality a reality in America, equality is actually a myth in this country for the most part. Discrimination and hate are spewed each and every day in this country. Nobody would say that equality has been truly achieved in this country.

  • Equality a Myth in America

    Unfortunately, equality is actually a myth in America. While equality is at a higher level than the rest of the world, America isn't a squeaky clean country in this regard. People aren't equal in this country thanks to various conditions and norms. Therefore, a person can't expect true equality here.

  • Nothing Is Equal In America

    I believe people who believe equality is a reality in America are either unaware of their surroundings or not really aware of what it is like in America. America seems to breed inequality and many of it's citizens seek to beat down their peers with regulations and laws that benefit them personally. Inequality is more common in America, than equality and this is evident in many ways.

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