• It's our hearts that need to change

    It's totally possible, but we're going to have to live better, changing our hearts and our minds to be open and loving and accepting. We can have equality. In Europe blacks and whites live together in peace. Now that there are loads of Muslims living there, fear has crept in and people are not being as charitable. They are letting fear rule them. There is the change we need to make

  • It's possible so long as people think it is

    When people (like those on the right) claim equality is impossible, it becomes impossible for them.

    The problem we have in this world is those who are comfortable, don't believe things will change, because THEY are comfortable.

    People hear the word "equality" and immediately think monetary wealth.

    Equality is not about wealth, it's about access to opportunity.

    So long as there are individuals who don't feel the need to fight the status quo, there will be inequality.

    All it takes if for those individual's comfort to be shattered, and they will learn the importance of fighting ingrained inequalities.

  • I'm going to have to agree with Astal3

    It's theoretically possible, but it require profound changes in culture, mind, status, etc... . Question is, would people(of today) actually be able to handle the ideal of total equality. For example [underage marriage, underage anything, no special treatment for( the elderly, children, mentally/physically handicapped, etc...), financial equality, etc...]. I might be over doing it but my point is, that there are pros and cons to all things that should be considered.
    WARNING: off-topic
    Like when Houston TX passed a equal rights ordinance. The thing I want to point out about it is that, one of the bills would allow transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender in which they identify with. We can argue that it's pro equality, but it has a big con to it. If you somehow have not figured out with the con side is. Well one question, what if a pedophile, rapist, molester pretends to be a transgender? That bill was dropped from the equal rights ordinance, but trusting other people was the problem with that equality bill. A world full of trustworthy people, though not impossible but yet it would seem like you still would have a better chance of seeing Jesus descending from the clouds.

    Posted by: knu
  • In theory anything is possible

    There is a major difference between possible and likely. Is true equality possible? Sure is. Is it likely to happen? Not even close. Humans are a species that can only acheive peace through force. Someone would have to make the punishment for violence so horrible that everyone was scared to commit it. It's a sad truth but true nonetheless. Same deal with equality. Unless some third party being came into the picture and forced everyone to shut up and live together true equality is highly unlikely. But nothing is impossible

  • When I say possible it is possible.

    It's about education. When the kids get educated, they will clearly know that race is not right and the should always be right. My language is a bit messed up, please don't mind:) i'm friendly. I will say this will happen, but it needs time, like a super long time.

  • It will be difficult but possible

    Maybe while the world is ending in our last moments we decide that every human is equal so in my opinion yes it is possible but it could take even the world ending to get people to admit that it is. (a b c d e f g h I)

  • Its nice to be equall

    A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v x w y z 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 2 - = + _ [ ] { } ; ' # : @ ~

  • Equality is possible

    Furthermore, it'll never occur. Man/Womankind of all ethnicity's, all country's, all accents, languages, and morals will never entirely cooperate with one another's paradoxical essentials. Irregularity is the zest of life, cynical human beings strive to have the best for themselves, equality will never occur due to humans narcissistic perspective of living.

  • Unless some magical event that ends all conflicts happens, no.

    Humanity has been fighting each other ever since we learned how to hate one another. Jealousy, revenge, want, sometimes need, pushes us to insult one another. Every person has a hate for a culture/race/ethnicity/organization, and that's just the way it is. In America, even still African-Americans are blaming whites for racist acts, and in some rare occasions vise versa. The Jewish state of Israel cannot live in peace with the Muslim state of Palestine, simply because one side wants the other side dead. It is really sad and depressing to say that equality between different factions is impossible ,but that's the way we are.

  • Egalitarianism has shown to even create inequality

    Pure equality is impossible.Equality requires all humans to share equal social status and equal power in political,economic,and social decisions in the state.With so much division equality has no existence.Take political parties as a prime example of this.While the two major parties running the united states appear to follow different philosophies their goals are quite similar to suppress a second voice(among other things).Take currency as a second example,as long as people are paid in different amounts people will make more than others making inequality.Take the socialism's phrase as a third example ''to each according to their need''.This is ripe to be abused because positions in government ultimately decide who gets what.There are so many variables that prevent equality from existing

  • Total equality is never achievable

    Fairer treatment is perfectly feasible. But it is simply human nature to oppose those with differences and treat 'your own' more favourably. Financial and economic equality is impossible as demonstrated vividly by the ceasing of communism, it simply made everyone poor and contrasts unfortunately with our human nature, we need incentives to work (ie becoming rich). I believe that we were all created equal, but we will not die equal. We must strive for as close to equal treatment as possible, and as a united community we must make sure that exploitation based on our differences cannot occur. In a sense your boss will always be superior to you in a workplace context and so they should be, but when it comes down to it we are all human and we should not forget that.

  • I do not believe so:

    I do not believe that humans will ever achieve an egalitarian state particularly because such a state would require a unification of ideals that by and large throughout human history have proven elusive to the efforts of those who seek this goal. So long as these divides exist I would imagine that it would be impossible.

  • Fails to recognise Biological and other differences

    People are biologically different to others and therefore equality can never exist. Not all of us are going to be over 6ft tall and therefore not all of us are going to be equally skilled at basketball, And therefore will be denied the same equality of opportunity to succeed in basketball. But that same person might be very intelligent compared to a basketball player and will go into accounting, A job that a 6ft tall athletic person who isn't so intelligent won't have the same equal chance to succeed in. Legal equality has already somewhat been achieved in the western world, People are equal in the eyes of the law in most, Nearly all with the exception of outliers, Legal cases.

  • Equality is impossible due to the simple fact that we’re individuals, which is not a choice we get to make.

    By being an individual, born in a different place than you, having different parents than you, living a different life than you ... We are unequal. You cannot have equality and diversity, thay are polar opposites. In this case, opposites do not attract because of how forceful people are enforcing these ideals. So here’s another question: Should we have more equality or diversity?

  • A Realistic Perspective

    The reality is is that all people are biologically, economically, socially and politically different. Whilst all people must receive the right to basic necessities such as education, healthcare etc., it must be made perfectly clear that not everyone’s needs are the same. Here’s another example: total equality between the sexes is not possible. This doesn’t mean that one gender is less than the other. On the contrary. The above argument suggests that in a non-perfect world, we must acknowledge the fact that no two people are or can be exactly equal.

  • Power for hunger will always win

    People are placed upon a pyramid of how much power they have. Everyone wants to be on the top. Many will even kill for the power. Trying to gain equality is like trying to go through a world war with no deaths. Its not possible until everyone gives up and agrees. However no one will ever agree. Just look were debating now (getting further from an agreement).

  • Black lives don't matter

    Because all they do is complain about being enslaved they should be happy not angry . I mean we could enslave again. The lives that matter are military cops people like that because they risk there lives for us unlike protesters you like to bag on cops for arresting bad people to make the streets safer.

  • Equal under the Law, but other than that we're Inequal.

    It is fair to say that Equal Treatment under the Law is reasonable, and that we all have individual rights of free spech, freedom of religion, etc. However, we will never become truly a truly equal society in the sense of hierarchy, status, wealth, or abilities because we are naturally inequal. You have a different height, different weight, different natural abilities, different way of thinking, different lifestyle, different family structures, different histories, and so on. As a result, disaprities will form because some are more capable than others for certain positions, jobs, or tasks. You nay be a better artist, while im a better writer. You like math, while I like science. We take a different job, and that job will pay differently due to the demand for it, the difficulty, or just how well we perform in it vs others. Therefore, under a truly free society we are equal under the law, but we can never become a truly "equilibrious" (if thats even a word) society.

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