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  • By definition, Yes! Everyone helps to choose our center, the majority in equal measure. Take economy out of politics seems to be a root factor.

    The corporate model has taken over the wills of an equal class and is dissuading to human rights and freedoms. Bills have been passed in favor for the corporations by them to ensure profits rather than uphold an equal standard of living and opportunity. The political system is corrupt and needs ultimate change!

  • Yes,equality is the ultimate goal of democracy.

    Without equality or socialism, Democracy is a failure. There is no meaning in freedom without equality to every human in the society.
    Social equality includes equal rights under the law, such as security, voting rights, freedom of speech and assembly, property rights, and equal access to social goods and services & also including concepts of economic equity, i.E. Access to education, health care and other social securities. It also includes equal opportunities and obligations, and so involves the whole of society.

  • Yes, equality is the main goal.

    I think equality between all people is the ultimate goal of a democratic society. It is what we hope to achieve eventually, what everything should lead up to. But before that, there are smaller goals of equality, such as giving people equal chances and opportunity, giving people chances to fight for that equality until one day, we are all equal. That is the point of voting in a democratic society and "everyone gets their say", because every opinion matters, or at least it should, and no person is more deserving than another to be heard.

  • YES it has to be!

    I believe that the true goal of a democratic society is the equality of all people, on a level where everyone can thrive or succeed. But this equality is one that means no individual will be judged poorly or be disadvantaged by something not in their hands, such as race, gender, culture, background etc.

  • It is equality of opportunity

    It is transparently clear that, no matter how hard we try, we will never have total equality simply because of the differences between individuals, between genders and between beliefs. What a true democracy should provide is equality of opportunity so that everyone has an equal chance.

    What individuals do with their opportunity is a personal decision and some will grasp it with both hands and others will waste it. What is important is that each and everyone has that opportunity and only when that happens can we truly say we have a democracy.

  • In a democratic society, the majority rules and the minority suffers too often...

    Sadly, in many cases, in a democracy the majority rules. As recent history has shown regarding our county's voting record on marriage equality, democracy is not the champion it should be when it comes to equality, human rights, or even civility. It took the U.S. Supreme Court in Loving vs. Virginia (1967) to end Virginia's prison sentence imposing interracial marriage ban. Equal rights should not be something that the majority gets to vote on, they should be a given!

  • Not really.

    In a true and fair democracy, everyone has an equal voice. On this level, there is equality, but once the votes have been cast, what the majority wants is enacted. This means that there is really no equality-- the majority's will is exercised without any regard for what the minority wants. Real societies don't go quite this far, but any society that is a "democracy" is based on some of these assumptions at its core.

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Eyb says2013-04-02T01:54:01.737

Many may think that G-d provides for theocracy, negating democracy, however it is G-d that provides for the sanctity of each individual which creates an entitlement to equality and freedom. This is the precurser to and foundation of true democracy.

Democracy is neither a business nor pragmatic or a science. It is more of an art that helps men to get together and live in peace and happiness with equality. All men are not born equal, it is democracies role to make them equal.

This is a goal, is not an absolute, but is a continual work in progress. True democracy implies equality not as a given but as a goal of equal and fair distribution based on the allocation of labor and rewards.

This is the goal we must all work towards, using democracy as our tool, in furtherance of G-d given individual sanctity as our right!


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