• Yes, his leadership on LGBT issues is effective

    Holder has transformed the federal government's stance on the rights of LGBT people in the United States by refusing to defend the unconstitutional Defense of Marriage Act. Through actions such as this he has used the office of the Attorney General to advance civil rights and achieve social justice. His leadership has been very effective.

  • Yes he is

    Yes, I think that this man is doing a pretty solid job as the attorney general, and that we need to make sure that after his term he gets put into another office where he can make a lot more good programs to make sure that the country gets better.

  • He is not unifying.

    No, Eric Holder is not doing a good job as Attorney General, because he seems more interested in social issues than anything else. He has even helped minority groups protest on social issues, like Trayvon Martin. He also looks the other way when the Black Panthers engage in voter intimidation. He has not done a good job.

  • Poor Leadership Sends Mixed Messages

    Eric Holder has allowed the reputation of the attorney generals office reach a new low. Between unpopular attempts to enforce gun control legislation and the rumors that his office was involved in gun running operations with militias in Mexico, it is very difficult to understand what he is actually trying to accomplish. An honest approach, whatever his reasons, would send a better message than playing both sides of this issue,

  • Eric Holder was doing a good job.

    Eric Holder's activity as Attorney general has shifted to focus more on civil rights. If civil rights were the only thing actually going on in this country, then that would be an outstanding move. He was doing a great job considering that most people didn't bother to know who he was until his focus on civil rights cases. The suspicion is that he intends to aim for a higher office and is setting his political agenda now, and at the expense of important issues.

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