• Yes He Is

    Overall it would appear that Eric Holder is actually quite healthy. Yes, he did receive some treatment for breathing problems and possibly an irregular heartbeat but his medical history shows that he had a similar problem a few years ago that didn't need a lot of medical attention. I believe his health is fine and he should be able to handle the stress of his position.

  • Any condition which requires hospitalization is debilitating, but not crippling

    Eric holder was recently rushed to the hospital for symptoms congruent with a heart attack. If Eric holder was in a position that required high physical stress and exertion, I would say that he would not be able to handle the stress. However, his position is not intensively stressful. As the Attorney General, he is responsible for maintaining the federal court system. This position has its stresses, but they are usually not linked to anything of high intensity. He is healthy enough to continue.

  • Yes, I think so.

    I do think Eric Holder is healthy enough to handle the stress of his position. The reason for this is because the perks of this position far outweigh the stresses of it. He has done a great job at what he does, and is likely to continue doing the same.

  • He is perfectly fine.

    Yes, he is. Despite his recent health scare, I think that Eric Holder is healthy enough to handle his position, and all the stresses it may bring. The man is 63 years old. When you reach that age, it's not exactly uncommon to go through a dizzy spell or two now and then.

  • He just went to the hospital.

    No, Eric Holder is not healthy enough to handle the stress of his position, because he went to the hospital with shortness of breath earlier this week. That was in the middle of a meeting, so whatever needed to be done during that meeting never got done. Holder should step down for the good of the country.

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