Is Erika Steinbach an apologist for Nazi policies in Germany?

  • Hell yes she is

    German expellees cannot be granted the same level of victimhood as Poles, Jews and other groups targeted by the Nazis. German speakers in the East collaborated with the Nazis. Steinback recites old Nazi propaganda. The fact that she has followers indicates that there are Germans with no remorse for their inhuman crimes. These people were and are a nation of monsters.

  • Of course she is.

    Erika Steinbach is either blinded or just a liar. I find it funny how she and the institutions she supports use historical data selectively, highlighting the information that helps her prove her point. She also refused to justify why the Federation of Expellees is run by a bunch of ex-nazis and keeps using the German names of some of the towns and villages that were renamed by German occupant government.

  • It's in her family.

    Yes, Erika Steinbach is an apologist for Nazi policies in Germany, because she has ancestors that served for Germany in World War II. Steinbach claims that Germany was not even responsible for the war. With all of this denying liability, she can fairly be called an apologist for Nazi policies in Germany.

  • Claims Poland Started World War II

    Erika Steinbach claimed Poland started World War II by mobilizing troops. Shortly after making that announcement in 2010, Steinbach resigned from Chancellor Angela Merkel's government. Poland then claimed the conservative politician was public enemy number one for claiming Poland provoked the Nazi blitzkrieg. Steinbach forgets Germany started the Holocaust in 1938, a year before it invaded Poland. So, who started World War II?

  • Steinbach is right.

    Germany would have made a far better heir apparent to the British Empire. Germans simply are superior people and they are proving it again by rising from the ashes of WWII to lead Europe. If only they spoke English they would have a much easier time getting there. Rock on Germany who cares about the haters.

  • Erika Steinbach cares.

    Erika Steinbach is troubled by the lack of truth in today's views of history. She would like history to be told, in truth and totality. She understands the tragedy and horror that the Nazis brought upon the world and humanity, but also believes that the expulsion and murders of German civilians from their former homelands is an inconvenient truth that has been ignored by many. She would like for the recognition of the suffering and deaths of these people to be realized.

  • Steinbach is concerned with today's Germany, not yesterday's

    Erika Steinbach is not an apologist for Nazi policies in Germany. Her remarks have indicated that she believes that Nazis were leftists, but she did this strictly to make a point. Steinbach is a modern politician that minimally concerns herself with Germany's past. She is much more so concerned with Germany today.

  • Steinbach is absolutely not a Nazi apologist.

    While Erika Steinbach has made commended deemed controversial by some in the past, to label her a Nazi apologist would be wholly unwarranted. It is an unfair and cheap attack by political opponents. She has condemned the National Socialist regime, era, and its policies regularly and profusely. Furthermore, she has long been an advocate for the human rights of refugees, a position completely at odds with National Socialist ideology.

  • Erika Steinbach is misunderstood

    Erika Steinbach definitely says some things that rattle people's cages, and it's easy to draw conclusions when you read her quotes alone or out of context. However, she's not really an apologist for Nazi policies within Germany or anywhere else. She does have some extreme opinions, and she certainly needs to learn how to verbalize her beliefs in better ways, but she's not a Nazi sympathizer.

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