• How could it not be?

    Every invention you use is European.
    The worlds languages are European.
    The only countries with any stability are European or of European descent with the exception of Japan.
    I honestly cannot see how being USA could be? It's a mess!
    Asia is far too unstable, Africa is even more unstable than Asia!

  • Europe is the best continent because of its history.

    It has an extremely rich history and created most of the modern world. Also, most of the greatest-ever empires were European. Europe has influenced so many countries in so many ways. No other continent could hold the title, as its greatness will have sprung from Europeans through history. Also, Europe is home to the most stunning architecture and landmarks across the world.

  • Europe is the best, forever!

    The Europeans built the western world. History, science, philosophy, architecture and so much somebody else. Europe is the cradle of the modern culture, a civilisation and a society! North America, Australia, Latin-Amerika, all of them left from the old continent, and the rest of the world's parts bought an example many times from him.

  • Incredible

    I find it incredible that Americans are blasting Europe, spewing hate when their country was discovered by an Italian, colonized by the British and inhabited by Germans, Irish, Italian, English, Spanish and French. Incredible ignorance about the history of their country, Europe is easily the most culturally rich continent and morally sound place in the world. Long live Europe!

  • Europe is the best continent, it has history.

    Europe is the best continent, because it has a long history, that is supported by amazing architecture and art, also it has the best education to offer, and that's where Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci came from, so there would be no United States of America if not for our famous European discoverers.

  • Modern society wouldn't have existed without Europe

    The impact of Europe on our society is not expressible in words, the things that we call familiar or beloved come from Europe, it is insane to discuss if Europe is the best continent, yes it is the most important, more important than that big overrated country called the united states, it history is small compared to Europe, europes history reaches thousands of years, the history of the US comprises only a few hundred years, oh I forgot something: the native people/ the Indians yeah in their arrogance these americans killed most of them and made Shure their culture vanished.
    Why am I comparing Europe with the us? Because they are the ones who see themselves as the best country in the world because they one of the most powerful armies, one big stolen country and a whole nation populated with lazy burger eating beings, so much for the us.
    Europe has seen powerful nations coming and going its existence has endured however.
    Now new superpowers are coming like the us, the thing is the us will not survive for ever it will go down and Europe will still be left.
    If Europe wouldn't have existed these great superpowers would be fighting each other in animal skins with wooden clubs.
    Above all it is a shame for the countries and continents who blame to by the best over Europe they have to accept that they should respect a continent which people have made the world what it is today cities like new York, Vancouver en Chicago are nothing compared to London, Rome or Amsterdam their legacy comprises eventually not much compared to European cities.
    The thing to do for those supernatural people outside Europe is to simply visit Europe, only then you will see the superiority of Europe its magnificence stretches all over the world and deep in the routs of those upcoming superpowers.
    Besides that Europe is unifying and its army will be bigger than that of the north Americas combined....

  • Full of history

    Nowhere else in the world can match Europe for architecture, art or culture. Almost every major architectural period is represented here and most great art came out of Europe. The rest of the world has some great things but can't beat Europe for so much concentrated in one continent .

  • Europe was the best, is the best and will be the best.

    I live in France since birth. In my life, I have seen Europe, I've seen its cities, with their castles, cathedrals, and heritage, I've seen its landscapes, so vast and beatiful, I've seen its culture, so great and rich, and I've learned its history, the prestigious thing that nobody could take us away. Today, I know that I was born with the greatest title : I am European ! When I look other continents in the world, I can see so many cultures and wealth, but I know that Europe will always be the first.
    Some people in the United States of America pretend that their contry is the most powerful in the world. They forget 2 things : European Union is the most powerful place in the world ! In a few years, when the 28 States of Europe will be bring together, it will form the most powerful State in the world ! Besides, without Europe, the United States don't exist : they are the son of Europe...
    I don't know any country in the world where citizens are treated so well than in Europe. Our great welfare Sate system ( fortunatly copied by obama ) allows poor people to learn, and rise in society. In Europe we don't say to the rich people : “please, give something to poor”, instead we say : Europe, help yourself ! Here rich are respected, and our great history allows them to live in incredible houses or castle, it doesn't exist in any other country.
    Finally, American and European are brothers, so do not hesitate : Americans, let you come in Europe !!

  • Europe is best.

    It is the best continent because it produced everything like a lot of food,healthy tips, it is very intelligent it's better than any continent and Americans are basically Europeans and Americans are ruining the world because they create wars for nothing and are only producing junk food for example burgers.They even create bad things like bombs.

  • Better lifestyle then the rest of the world.

    Europe has a much better standard when compared to the rest of the world. In europe (especially in France) you do less work yet you have more rights, a good standard and free universal health care. And in south eastern europe (ie Serbia, Bosnia etc) it doesn't matter wether or not you have the newest phone or tv, what matters is the way you live. Now think about it would you rather have a happy and long life or a short one where you divorced, have ten mortgages and your best moments in life are at work.

  • Of course not.

    Europe may have beautiful sight seeing opportunities; but it's probably SECOND on the list to be called "The Best Continent to Live in." North America is first by a landslide. It's very up to date with buildings and modern everything. Not to mention how much Europe is struggling with birth rates. What's going to happen in 50 years when all the young people have to take the place of the older peoples jobs? The only way Europe makes money is from tourism and as you can see, many people "think" it's the best place to live so you can say their doing a good job in that.

  • Europe Is Not The Best Continent

    I do not think that Europe is the best continent. That title belongs to North America. Europe has a lot of great countries that are prospering, but they are not better than the United States and Canada. We dominate Europe in many categories and set a standard for the rest of the world.

  • Culture does not define the best continent, quality of life does.

    In my opinion, North America or Australia probably have the best quality of life. Yes, Europe has history, but I definitely wouldn't want to live there. And in reality, Asia has more history and culture than Europe. Europe might have been the place to be in the 1600-1800s but things have changed.

  • No, there is no way to quantify "best" in this way

    All continents have a variety of human influence, and therefore culture and history which could be included in the "best"category. The same could be said for natural history, natural diversity, and ecological levels. How in the world are we supposed to decide which continent is "best" when there is no hard and fast standard?

  • North Americans have it best

    It is clear that Europeans want to be like us. Europeans embrace American culture as evidenced in pop music (rap, r&b, etc), forward thinking (think gay marriage), economic stability (Canada), tolerance of newcomers, and basically in every respect! Reality is, Europe is old and North America is new. Europeans are tribal and never really evolved beyond that. Shame really. No wonder UK wants nothing to do with the rest of Europe.

  • LOLOLOL Please! Europe is old news with old inventions. What has Europe invented in the last 200 years that can compare to North America???

    What was so great that was invented by Europe? The wheel? LOL
    North America has invented every major invention in the last 200 years full stop! We are the most powerful continent on earth because of it. Europeans could not live their lives without them!
    Electricity, airplanes, telephones, radio, locomotive engines, cars, computers, internet, Space travel, semi automatic gun, air conditioning, steamboat, telegraph, morse code, etc etc etc etc
    Our land has 100 times natural untouched beauty, our cities are 100 times more modern and liveable, (old does not mean better people!) I have a brand new 3500 sq foot home....Certainly cant do that in Europe. You can have your old moldy cramped homes and buildings lol Seriously the funniest most pathetic attempt Ive ver seen. Its hilarious!

  • Asia is the beating heart of civilization

    From Asia comes light in the darkness. From Asia, cities, agriculture, and thousands of inventions come to bring the world out of darkness and advance the human species. For most of human history, there was ONLY Asia. Everything else was a blip.

    The Silk, Spice and Tea Routes exemplify the power of Asia: India, China, Persia, Arabia, Turkestan, Bengal, Nusantara all demonstrate the vitality and regality of the Asian people.

  • Europe was too late in every possible way

    First of all, about 90% of "YES" arguments state about the history of Europe, how it's so rich and philosophical, while everywhere else was crawling out of the dirt. The opposite is true. While Europe was going through disease and wars, the Middle East and Asia had golden ages, creating inventions and ideas that still exist today.
    Maybe the reason why everybody only talks about history is because of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. I admit myself I love the Ancient Romans, however they did not last. The Asian/Middle Eastern Ottoman empire had a much more valuable territory and lived much longer, as recently as 1914. Furthermore, the Mongolian Empire was the largest land empire in the world, stretching from Norway to Korea.
    Secondly, the YES side states Europe's modern impact. Of course Europe's impact is significant but not as much as other regions of the world. The United States of America is considered to be the only real superpower in the world, while places such as Japan, India, China, and Russia (which is mostly in Asia) are catching up. Furthermore, Chinese impact on the world is heavy, providing many necessities in the world.
    Now this part is to refute everybody's argument in YES. I also may be a cause of this, however in all of their arguments, it states too much bias. Some quotes I will gain from the opposition are:
    1) Nowhere else in the world can match Europe for architecture, art or culture.
    2) oh I forgot something: the native people/ the Indians yeah in their arrogance these americans killed most of them and made Shure their culture vanished.
    3) you probably wouldn't even be here now if Europe wasn't there.
    Just to name a small proportion of bias. Furthermore, these examples contain fallacies. Who knows what might happen to Earth's history without Europe. Of course, we might not have the same society, however whose not to say it will become better?

    #EuropeanArrogance (Yes, I know it's biased)

  • I'd say North America

    Im not just saying this cause Im from the continent but North America has a whole lot more to offer. It is probably the most diverse place on Earth. And no it doesn't just consist of Canada and the USA, there is The Caribbean region which is stunning and also Central America. North America is more modern in areas such as health care, technology and the lists goes on. Europe is good to but I wouldn't say best.

  • Asia takes the cake.

    I mean seriously? US and Asia are much better than Europe. They have more space and better living conditions. It is also very fair. Things aren't very expensive. Maybe back then Europe might have been better but now the US has better things. Plus they are more accepting of different people.

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