• Culture, Beer, Transport

    Europe is a mosaic of culture and language. One can travel through Europe in a matter of days and witness a dozen languages. One can sit on a beach in the Mediterranean or ski in the Alps, eat fantastic foods and drink exquisite wine. Also drinking laws are more reasonable.

  • Depending on where you are, go for it.

    Something that seems to trouble people is the fact that EUROPE IS NOT A SINGLE COUNTRY LIKE THE US. It is a union of multiple autonomous countries, so you can expect better facilities in France, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany than you can in Romania and Bulgaria. Three unneeded words.

  • Economic crisis in many countries there

    Many countries there suffer economically and you see many Europeans moving to the Middle east(Dubai mostly) or the USA to live in, which is why it's not the best place to live. Europe is not like before, now people can't afford facing risks everyday, risks related to prices, inflation rates and unemployment and many other factors that get affected in an economy in times of crisis

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