• Some of it.

    Your question is poorly written, as it is very one dimensional and doesn't account for the fact that the situation isn't the same across Europe. Yes, there is a lot of corruption in European football, but it is more prominent in some countries than others. For instance, there seems to be a large amount of match-fixing in countries such as Italy, whereas it is not really an issue at all in countries like, say, England. In the recent match-fixing scandals, there was only ONE match that involved an English team, and that was a Champions League game between Liverpool and Hungarian side Debrecen. Furthermore, the alleged match-fixing involved Debrecen's goalkeeper, Vukasin Poleksic, who was offered payment in order to ensure that he conceded more than two goals. Poleksic rejected the bribes, but was banned for failing to report the match-fixing attempt.

    So yes, there is match-fixing in European football. However, your question looks as though you are asking if ALL European football is fixed, which it isn't. Match-fixing is only a problem in SOME European countries and clubs, and certainly not all of them.

  • Flip, flop, flip flip flop

    To the people asking for evidence, hi, what planet are you from? Just weeks ago a massive match fixing scheme that included World Cup matches was discovered and reached the public, FIFA has already acknowledged it (with a stupid "so what there's tons of games" explanation), the sport is an unwatchable flop fest and an illegitimate one at that.

  • YES

    I am going to say that it is probably fixed because, to be honest, I'm fairly sure that most sports these days are fixed.

    The sporting industry is more about entertainment these days that it is about the actual sport. It's more about making money and presenting a good show than anything else. I feel fairly confident that European football is probably fixed just as much as the rest of them.

  • I do not think so!

    People can speculate all the want about any sport being fixed, but until there is evidence to support it, we do not need accuse any professional sport of fixing any type of game. Players, owners, manager,and everyone involved make too much money to fix sports. People need to start paying attention to other things in life that are fixed, such as states Worker Compensation doctors, now that is fixed.

  • It Is Not Fixed

    I'm sick of hearing how professional sports are fixed. They are not fixed and people that think there is a slight chance need to start showing evidence. European football is not fixed and it has never been fixed. People pump too much money into all the games to fix it.

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