Is EU's GDPR law ignoring the fundamental rights of citizens in other countries by trying to enforce a law that affects people worldwide ?

  • Does EU have any legal right to demand anything from citizens in other countries, or the world wide web in general, except EEA domains ?

    If you own a store in a country do you care about the nationality of the people walking into your store or about the laws concerning commerce in their home country, you don't, you only need to follow the rules of the country where the store is actually located, right ? However, according to EU's GDPR if you have a website in US which may not even be addressed to EU citizens you still need to care about their laws because any EU citizen may access your US based site, even though you are not a EU citizen so you can't express your vote on that law because you have no legal basis to do so, thus, how can a government of another country (a government that I can't vote for or against) be passing laws or enforce them in my country ? The EU laws should only apply to EEA domains, such as .EU and EU country specific TLD's, that's the only place where the EU has the all the legal rights to set the rules, pushing their rules to all TLD's inlcuding TLD for other countries is the same thing as passing laws in other countries, the international waters, the moon, or any other place that no particular country owns.

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