Is Euthanasia for the Greater Good ever right?

Asked by: blackkid
  • It is an ancient practice:

    Euthanasia of the lame, deformed, and elderly was a practice in multiple cultures across the world across time and modern countries like modern Sweden are home to models and beautiful people because of it. The truth is that human empathy is being misplaced; I am not suggesting it be mandatory to terminate the lame or the elderly but it should probably be mandatory to prevent life-support, esp. Unnecessary life-support for the elderly or the terminally ill who have either suffered brain death or are in a perpetual coma, and to make easy the option for abortion for pregnant women who are having ill children rather than encouraging them to continue with the birth presuming it's life-long and greatly impairs their ability to survive and be accepted in society.

  • If someone is in incredible and unending pain, it should be their choice.

    We put so much value on the existence of life, sometimes we fail to recognize the quality of life we are fighting over.

    An individual who dreads consciousness and sobriety due to the unending pain of their medical condition, if sound of mind, should have the right to end their own life, with the aid of those who can make it as painless as possible.

    There is no reason other individual should have an opinion on what an individual wants to do with their body and life.

  • It's an extremely personal and difficult choice.

    If someone is suffering at the hands of a crippling illness for which there is no treatment, or someone was in a brutal accident and can no longer move their entire body, I believe it is their right to ask to be (for want of a better word) killed if they simply cannot go on any more. It's a HUGE decision for the person, and it affects more people than just them, sure, but it is ultimately up to the person. I've been raised in a household that supports a great many things but have always had the capacity to accept others' opinions, so I don't judge anyone who is against Euthanasia. But I do believe that if someone asks to pass on, than that's their right. The Doctors' have the resources to do it in a peaceful and painless manner. Besides, it's Euthanasia or Suicide (it annoys me when people think the two are one in the same). If someone wants to die, then they'll find a way to do it. I think of it this way: if someone I know and love was known to be in a hospital bed for the rest of their life for whatever reason, and they wanted to die, as difficult as it would be for me and others, I would rather see them get what they want than see them suffer for longer.

  • Euthanasia, that is just a tool of the elites.

    In these times, where we believe ourselves as a species to be so smart, while ignoring history, euthanasia will just be a tool of the elite powers that control us while distracting us from reality with all the "smart" things they invent. There has never been a good society that practiced euthanasia, and there never will be. Sometimes we do allow doctors to go overboard keeping people alive with other folks money, that is what doctors get paid for with a socialized medical system. I am all for the individual making the choice themselves, but really, how long will it be before decisions are made for them by an a-hole bureaucrat bean counter?

  • It should be banned

    Each and every person in this world at least needs their soul should rest in peace .My opponent meant that the people who are ill should be mercily killed,but i say that if we artificially kill them their soul wont have the chance to die with their own wish.The soul wont get the peace to live and another thing which i wanted to mention is that people should be given the maximum time to live in this world as they get only one chance to live in this world and they need to have a mind and if the person wills to tell they should be mecily killed.No guy would agree to this. People just want to live in this world no guy would like to die and request god to create a natural power to make them die.As you told that people who are sick for a long life time should be mercy killed but how do we ask them that if they want to die they will be paralysed.So the best method is to think about their soul.If we are emotionally attached to them then this the best way of all.

  • It is not our place.

    I firmly believe it is not anyone's place--whether it's regarding someone else's life or our own--to take a life. But in the case of a person desiring themselves to be killed so as to end their suffering, we should play no part in it. They are in control of their body so if they want to kill themselves they can do it on their own. We should not have anything to do with it.

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