• Listening to cries

    It is the citizens' duty to become the advocate for the suffering and for the defenseless. Dogs fall under the category of defenseless because they are vulnerable due to the fact that their communication with humans is very little to none. We need to decide what's best for them ourselves.

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  • How would you feel?

    What if in adoption agencies or orphanages, the children would be euthanized if they were not adopted? It doesn't sound good, right? That is exactly what the shelters are doing to these dogs AND CATS. However, from personal experience, when my six year old lab, Drake, was diagnosed with Lyme's Disease, my family and I made the decision to have him put to sleep, as opposed to be living in pain. THAT I support. But killing dogs because they aren't "wanted" or are too "ugly" to be adopted is not right. Kill shelters should be banned in America.

  • No it is not ethical

    No, I do not think that euthanization on dogs or any types of animals is ethical. Dogs should be allowed to live their lives to the fullets without having to worry about having drugs injected into their bodies to kill them. It is unnatural and not ethical and should be banned in America.

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