• The poster is provocative

    Since it can be seen by many, including children, it is too risque. Granted, there is a definite double standard in movies when it comes to gratuitous sex and gratuitous violence. As an adult, I don't find it too risque, but I would not like my children to see it.

  • Not for the intended viewer.

    This movie is rated R so not intended for those under the age of 17. On the other hand, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover is just as if not more risque yet the magazine can be viewed an purchased by kids of all ages. Seeing that the movie has an assumed viewer age, if you think the poster is too risque, don't bring your kids.

  • Not Sexy Enough.

    Today's society is getting closer and closer to social freedom, however these topics still are bound to make top headlines. Nudity is harmless. Sooner or later, the repressive old geezers that run the country will die out and we'll experience a new wave of freedom and happiness. Society needs to adjust to it's people, not the other way around.

  • False modesty is outdated

    The American religious right puts so much emphasis on sexual repression that our country is incredibly out of date. There is absolutely nothing wrong with nudity. It is absolutely mind bogglingly that the world's foremost exporter or violence in the media and war on the ground can be so deeply offended by even implied nudity. Show someone's head getting blown off by a gun and no one bats an eye, but show a bare breast on tv and the FCC will get flooded with calls from the moralists. We have such a bizarre double standard on what is morally right and wrong to display and it all stems back to religious shaming of sex and nudity. Its the same reason we suffer a lack of sex education similar to third world nations.

  • No, it is not that risque

    While I wouldn't want my child viewing that poster I don't believe that it is too risqué for today's society. We are faced with images close to that level of indecency on a daily basis through the TV and the Internet. We as a culture have become very desensitized to nudity of images of scantily clad women. I don't think many people would even bat an eye to that poster.

  • No, today's society doesn't find anything too risky.

    No, for the youth of today it's almost more risky to be seen wearing clothes. A trip to your local mall will show just how little fabric goes into making clothes these days. It doesn't just stop at clothes either. Women are so sexualized that it's no longer an insult to be called a slut. It's a term of endearment.

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