Is Evangelical Christianity irrelevant in today's scientific and secular humanist society?

  • Here it is- MY honest opinion

    What, With all the Christian Missionaries trying to forcefully convert others, Or use money and food and shelter to bring people into their religions, Well, Let me tell you something - don't be bringing religion into this. So many conflicts take place in Asian countries due to Christians trying to shove their religion down other's throats by force. Its good that you want to help others. If its in a non-selfish way, Though. Otherwise, You can just stop preaching ignorance and try to respect the Hindu religion more. I get it. The Caste System is BEYOND horrible, But just try to learn more about Hinduism and accept Hindus and try to help people to escape the Caste System and still continue to practice Hinduism. But in Non-violent ways though.

    Its not just Hindus who face discrimination by Christian Missionaries. Buddhists also face this problem. I know this because one of my Mom's friends tried to debate how Christianity is better than Buddhism. I love Buddhism, And yet, My own Mom is a Roman Catholic, So she was trying to forcefully convert me.

    My Mom also told me that i can follow ANY religion- that i should HAVE a religion- but that i should go for Bible studies regularly and that i should pray the Rosary regularly, And i should go to any Christian church regularly, And that i should believe in and pray to the Christian God regularly. Also, She told me to go to Sunday School. Let ME explore ANY religion and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Im married, Not living under YOUR roof, Etc. . . . . . .

    This offends you, Good. Im being honest about Christian Fundies/Missionaries.

  • Evangelical Christianity is irrelevant in today's society.

    I believe that Evangelical Christianity is indeed irrelevant in today's society simply because it refuses to evolve with the times. No one wants or needs to believe any longer that there is an amorphous diety in the sky that is judging and watching their every move, ready to rain down punishment from the sky.

  • Humanism is dominating Evangelism

    Evangalist congregations are fewer these days than in past years. The revival of the church through celebration of ones faith was a hearty trend that entertained, enthralled and possibly saved many worshippers. That is all based on individual experiences. Today, modern technology, science, and technological advancements are bringing new ideas directly into your house. No need to read the paper or go to the library. There is endless knowledge on the internet with more being created each day. Facebook now has a larger congregation than any church in history.

  • People Don't Want To Be Bothered

    I do believe that Evangelical Christianity is irrelevant in today's scientific and secular humanist society. People have enough knowledge and resources to find the truth they are seeking. People do not need people to preach the Gospel to them, because if they want that information, it is widely available to them.

  • Yes, Evangelical Christianity is archaic and outdated.

    Yes, Evangelical Christianity has no place in the modern scientific world. This form of religion teaches an extreme degree of ignorance and lacks the educational backing to enrich the lives of its followers. Furthermore, the public programs supported by these institutions serve to harm American institutions and legal systems, such as separation of church and state, right to choice, birth control and public assistance.

  • No, it isn't completely irrelevant.

    Christianity, even evangelical Christianity, is an important part of life for a large number of people. It is not necessarily incompatible with a scientific, secular lifestyle as long as you are able to find a balance in your life. While it isn't the answer for everyone, for others it is an essential part of their identity.

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