Is Eve the cause for sin to enter the Earth?

Asked by: jcsell08
  • Its All Eve's Fault

    The Bible said they both new they were named after they ate the fruit. But the bible does not say she didn't know she was naked first. She probably knew she was naked and tempted Adam to eat the fruit by using her beautiful body to seduce Adam. So in conclusion its Eve's fault. Thank you

  • The Devil didn't introduce sin, Eve accepted a proposal.

    The Bible, both Testaments, offer that knowledge is not a sin, in fact knowledge is not on the list of 7 deadly sins. The snake (being the Devil) convinced Eve to partake in knowledge, not sinning. She sinned by disobeying a direct order from God: do not eat from the Tree of Knowledge.

  • Thanks a lot!

    Yes, I believe so. She ate the apple when Jesus told them not to and then give it to Adam to eat. Satan tempted them. They should've known better. They had all the other trees to choose from and they had to eat from that one.. After that Jesus cast them out of Eden. From then on man knew.
    Woman was naked, woman would suffer in birth, etc., etc. We were made perfect and they screwed the pooch for us all.

  • She allowed the serpent to deceive her even though Adam told her what God said.

    Without Eve deceiving Adam he shouldn't have eaten the fruit in which God had commanded them not to eat and that fruit was gotten from the tree of life and was the tree of life and death and God totally knew why He had told them not to eat that fruit.

  • I say adam ate the fruit in a state of corruption not innocence

    Genesis 2 deals with the interconnectedness of adam and eve as in for that cause a man shall leave his parents and cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh. Woman of man, bones of his bone flesh of his flesh. I also think spirit of his spirit because I suspect her soul was taken of adam not distinctly created. Eve ate the fruit and separation from god hit adam before it woud hit any progeny. Adam was of the earth and passed separation from god onto the earth and plants and animals etc.. And then the heavens and the eath were separated from God.

  • Since there are only two choices.

    In actuality both Adam and Eve are to blame. Adam could have said no. They both ate the fruit and so both share the blame for bringing sin into the world. In some regards Adam's sin may even be greater since it was his responsibility to look after Eve. However we could also say the serpent or the Devil was the initial catalyst since he was the one offering the fruit God had said not to eat.

  • Adam AND Eve

    To clarify, both Adam and Eve sinned, it was not just one persons fault. The woman was tempted but really wasnt told that she could not eat from the fruit. Adam however was. Eve did eat the fruit, and then gave it to him to eat as well. Adam knew better and should not have eaten it. He was declared the ruler over the earth. he should have ruled over the woman when she had sinned in giving him the apple. Therefore; they are both at fault.

  • More religious brainwashing!!!!!!!

    No wonder there is sexism! ADAM AND EVE DID NOT EXIST! Religion is the root of all evil. People are SO convinced, they brainwash CHILDREN!!!!! Kids need to know HOW to think, not WHAT to think! The "bible" is just made of of illiterate sexist men and said that an invisible dude "created it." STOP BEING F--ING IGNORANT!!!!!!!! GOD DOES NOT EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • no no no

    adam and eve didnt really exist it is a story

    also sin doesnt exist

    people may do things that some people consider terrible
    but to call them sin brings in a whole supernatural context which of course is unproven and therefore irrelevant and unhelpful.

    the bible is horribly misogynistic and is the main reason why women are second class citizens today

    isnt it time the world woke up and stopped believing in ancient unproven desert myths ?

  • The Scientific theory of Evolution

    The scientific theory of evolution has clearly rejected the existence of eve and hence the question of eve committing sin does not arise.:)

    Evolution is a fact that has been accepted by all the prominent scientific organizations around the world.:)

    Moreover neither eve nor adam knew that disobeying god was a sin before they ate the forbidden fruit,hence its utter stupidity to accuse them for sinful actions like eating the forbidden fruit and disobeying god .:)

  • Men wish they could blame it all on the woman!

    This is a story from a male dominated era in time. Let's face it, these are stories written by men, so of course they wouldn't blame themselves. What better way to convince women they are inferior and to submit to the ideal then making them the root cause of all that is evil! It's all about the time this was written, if it was written today, the story would be opposite.

  • Eve is not at fault

    When god makes Adam, he states to Adam do not eat from the tree, he then created Eve, it is not states that Eve is ever instructed not to eat from the tree. Eve then is tempted by the serpent and because shoe does not know any better. Adam then eats after Eve does willingly and aware of what god has said. Therefore I feel neither should be blamed and used to represent that we are only human and that we make mistakes. These mistakes have consequences on both sides.

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