Is every women should learnt to Protect herself ?

Asked by: aamir_niaz
  • Right to bare arms !! Ok women learn how to protect yourself .

    Seeing how the world has gone to hell, Everyone should know how to protect themselves . That's why I carry a pistol in my purse at all times , along with the lovely pistol permit that stays in my wallet . It wouldn't be wise to endanger my family .

  • Maybe in schools?

    I do agree that to force women to take time out of their day is not going to work. Self defence should be taught in schools to everyone, not just women. Keep in mind I say self defence not learn to attack people in high school. Gym is pretty uselss as a class, maybe it should teach something to better their future

  • Is every women should learnt to Protect herself ?

    As in this video how she protected herself from thief and knockdown him with the full force what you think every women should learn to protect herself from any kind of forcing event either its heppend from her family or either happend from out side yes or no ????


  • Yes, but it holds true for EVERYONE.

    Sure, women are often the target of violence by men and even by other women, but violence knows no gender, and ANYONE can be the perpetrator or the victim. Though I agree that women should learn to protect themselves, I also agree that EVERYONE should learn to protect themselves, especially given the dangerous and increasingly hostile world we now live in.

  • That English makes me wince..... And no, it should be optional.

    Sure, it's ideal that every woman should be able to protect herself, but they have the right to not fight- Some would prefer to be a pacifist. And realistically, the key word is "every", why should every single woman have to spend hours of time learning how to protect themselves? It should be optional- in some countries those hours would be a complete waste of time for pretty much everyone, in NZ for instance, so not "every" woman would need the self defense courses.

    And to aamir-niaz, this video should explain how I feel......


    GO WEIRD AL! Teach the world!

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