Is everybody the same in all the ways that matter?

  • I Believe We Are

    I believe everybody is the same in all the ways that matter. I think a human is a human, in their most basic form, and it matters very little what they look like. I think people have a hard time grasping the idea that they could just as easily be the homeless person on the corner. They're no different than you, their life is just taking them down a different road.

  • We are all God's children.

    Yes, everybody is the same in all the ways that matter, because at the end of the day we were all created by God. We are all special. No matter what, every person has value. We all have something to offer. We are all people and we are all capable of both good and bad.

  • We are all different.

    We're all the same? Think again. From a bilogical standpoint we are different. We have different genetics saying if one will be smart or if one will die young. We have different actions. Some may bully others some may keep to themselves them there's the social butterflies. We all come from unique cultures and have different morals. How is that the same? We may be the same species but none of us are the same in the inside.

  • People are different

    From genetics to actions, people are different in many ways. We think differently and we are different. When it comes down to anatomy we will notice that even though we have the same parts, we have act differently internally. Some people have headaches while others have never had one. As long as we continue mating, we will continue to create different people all the time.

  • No one is really the same.

    Everyone is not the same in all the ways that matter. This is because every human being has an indiviidual imprint. This is true not only in fingerprints, but in mental functions as well. Although people might behave the same way in groups, they are doing so mostly just for survival. They are not reflecting their true, individual selves this way.

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