• Yes, everyone is.

    I think everyone, no matter where you rank on the scale of intellect, is capable and deserving of success. There are a few exceptions, of course, but I think if everyone is given enough chances and placed in the right environement, they will thrive and be very successful pretty easily.

  • Yes, but there are different definitions of success.

    Some people want to succeed at making money, while others want to succeed at doing their art or having a happy family or living simply. So, given that, everyone who is given a chance has a shot at and certainly deserves to be successful at whatever they choose to accomplish.

  • Everyone deserves success and is capable of achieving it.

    No matter what a person's background is, they are capable of achieving success. They also deserve success. There are many people who have achieved great success that came from very humble beginnings. If people are told that they can achieve whatever they want to achieve, they will believe it, and they will achieve it. Some people have more hurdles to overcome, but it is possible for anyone that believes and has confidence.

  • As much as I hate to say this...

    Most people are definitely capable of success, but lots of people just don’t deserve it. People really believe that child murders or rapists deserve success? Hell no, and to even suggest that they do is wrong in every aspect. However, I do believe that everyone is capable of success from the start, even the child murders and rapists.

  • Capable yes, deserving no.

    Everyone has it in them to achieve success, they just have to work for it. But I do not believe that everyone deserves it. I refuse to believe that an animal abuser or a rapist is deserving of success. I do not believe that someone making millions because many years ago they made a sex tape is deserving of success.

  • The world is not fair or just.

    Sorry, I know it sounds cruel but I have to say no. Not everyone in the world is going to be capable of success. It could be because they simply aren't good at things that matter to other people. It might be due to other situations such as racial prejudice or where they live. And deserving is a nonsense word, that's just entitlement nonsense.

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