• Yes, to a point

    I think you could argue that everything is a spectrum. Very few things in life are only one thing or the other. For instance, a dog is not a cat, but "dog" is a very broad category. Same with life situations; things are almost never black or white, so a spectrum is a better way of looking at it.

  • One example. Ever thing is connected through heat that creates light which we pick up through our retina.

    Light is aye electromagnetic spectrum that we can only see a very small amount of. But i don't just want to look at it from a humans point of vue. I want to look at it from the universes point and that's when it becomes tricky. I need your opinion. It doesn't help that i have dyslexia,add, and aspergers does it.

  • No, not everything

    Yes, there are many things that are measured in a spectrum (electromagnetic spectrum, political spectrum, all sorts of other gradients), but there are still many things that have or are binary states (your computer being powered or unpowered, yes or no answer questions, true and false statements). The trick is figuring whether you're dealing with a spectrum or a binary system.

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