• I am not sure

    Free will seems impossible to justify although it makes sense to us. . . But still there are mamy animals like insects and bees that seem to be just that mini computers. Bees need to make honey and ants need to build and survive. What's the difference to a human?

    Nor do I understand why everyoke wants free will to be true. That would mean our actions are responsible and we did it wrong. If instead Hard Determinism is true then we are not responsible that means there is no fault and no guilt. Of course it doesn't allow us to do everything we want. But isn't that much better - letting yourself off the hook that is free will?

    People say if Hard Determinism is true then what's the point. Well, If free will is true then what's the point? We're gonna die. Smith in the Matrix said it best - the point of life is to end. The twin towers collapsing was free will? Or was it hard determinism? Is this the only world possible? (Multiverse is a joke of a theory, I think) I hope Hard Determinism is true. Please comment and give examples as to why Hard Determinism is true, Cause that is fun to read. Or prove me wrong. I believe in Hard Determinism.

  • Not true at all

    Bees are stuck to their role because of genetics. Some will be workers some will be drones some will be males and only a few will be queens. However ROYAL JELLY is what can changes a bee. If a bee gets royal jelly they can become a queen.

    Humans are way more complex. Children want to be a doctor or a cop or a firefighter, Or some job. But then some thing happens and their life changes. The college graduate becomes homeless the cop becomes a drug dealer and some dude becomes a millionaire.

    You can change things. Do yourself a favor and ignore philosophers. Their ideas and debates lead to nowhere and they do nothing. A simple man who digs ditches has more value than a philosopher king.

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