Is everything on Earth connected due to the similarities of DNA (yes) or are different species not connected at all (no)?

  • Yes without a doubt

    Its not only been proven scientifically but spiritually, medically and consciously as well. Take a strand of human DNA and stretch it out. In the beginning is the serpents DNA then along to strand is every other living thing including fungi and germs - if DNA is our ancestry link then perhaps we all evolved from a snake as the ancients believed.

  • We Are Related

    I believe that we are all related through DNA. Our DNA holds instructions. We all have similar instructions. Especially with mammals. We all have something in common with everything. If you look through history of evolution everything has evolved. We evolve through DNA. Our DNA has instructions to evolve so therefore we are the some. We are made out of the same things and materials. Those materials are within our DNA.

  • Everything is connected due to dna.

    There is no doubt, whatsoever, that everything is connected because of DNA. It only makes sense, since everything on earth was formed of the same compounds. We actually share half of our DNA with most plants and over 60 percent of our DNA with insects. Mice? 92 percent. It's amazing.

  • All is related

    Yes, I think that the things on earth are all related, and that we were all formed by a single ancestor a very long time ago. The dna that is in us all can be linked back a long way through science, and can tell the things we are close to.

  • I doubt it.

    I think we're a long way out from any sort of serious research showing that everything on earth is connected due to the similarities of DNA. If that's the case, we don't yet have the technology to determine if it's so. I think it's a little far-fetched to say we're related to snakes and snails.

  • No, I think some species are not connected at all.

    While many animals many share similar DNA with one another I think there are several different species of animals that have separate DNA that does not connect to anybody else, there are so many different types of species it is almost inevitable that some are completely isolated from the rest.

  • No, some species are definately not connected at all.

    I do not believe that the similarities in DNA means that all the different species on Earth. While it is an interesting theory, it is without concrete proof. The only similarity all species on Earth has is that we are all carbon-based. Aside from that, there are not much else.

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