• Evolution is an observed fact.

    Evolution is a theory in exactly the same sense that gravitation is a theory. There are laws of gravity, which mathematically describe its interaction with objects; however, the basic idea of gravitation is theoretical. What I mean to say is that an idea being a theory does not preclude its being factual as well. Evolution is directly observed every day in laboratories, in the wild, and in settings such as engineering labs.

  • It has not been proved wrong scientifically, and it is not governed by the bible in any way.

    No scientific evidence can prove it wrong, and it is science, not religion that has driven humanity to the complexity and power it has today. The fossil record, genetics, antibiotics, everything points to evolution, except for the bible. Unless the bible is written from the hands of God, we cannot trust it as science.

  • As others have said,

    It is a fact. Evolution is something that is observed to be true. We have different theories on how and why it happens, but the fact that it happens isn't rationally debatable. It is always good to ask questions and expand one's knowledge, but one should also know the difference between seeking an understanding and being ignorant. As others have also stated, there are other theories for observed facts, such as gravity (and most the forces on a quantum level).

    Evolution can be difficult to test with animals, as the breeding cycle can be very long, but with bacteria, where a new generation can be born every couple of hours, it is possible to get enough change for different species to form.

  • Fact and theory

    It may be a theory but just because it is a theory that does not mean that it is or can not be considered fact. Gravity is ' Only a theory' but you don't see anyone making the argument that we are flying. It may be unrelated to the topic but creationism is not fact, nor theory but a hypothesis.

  • In my opinion, it is.

    If it isn't true, then where did we come from? You can't say that we just came from a pile of dust which the Bible claims that it happened. There is just no other logical explanation if the "Theory" of evolution is true!

    And those of you people who says it's just a "THEORY", take a butterfly for an example. The butterfly comes from a cocoon which comes from a larva. Won't that also apply for other species too?

    Also take into consideration that one specie cannot remain in the same form for a long time because of the environmental change.

  • By definition yes.

    In science, theories explain facts. Therefore by definition evolution is both a theory (the description of the available evidence) and a fact (the evidence itself).
    While nothing in science is dogmatic and all must be falsifiable, evolution is supported by all available evidence, and has just been verified over and over as science progresses. Genetics in particular has greatly advanced our understanding of biological evolution and common descent.

  • Evolution is a fact.

    Evolution is a scientific fact; it is known very definitely to exist. We can observe and record it in labs, in the everyday world, even in a child's backyard science project. There is no question as to whether or not evolution occurs. The thing that is so often debated is the theory of evolution, which seeks to explain the conduits by which evolution occurs. This theory is the most heavily tested and accordingly heavily verified scientific principle in history.

  • Evolution is Both a Fact and a Theory

    It is a fact that life on Earth evolves; this cannot be denied. Not only do numerous branches of science verify this, it has been observed. In contrast to the fact of evolution, we have the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, which is a framework which explains how evolution works (among other things).

  • Evolution is a fact and a THEORY

    Collective data supports evolution and it's many processes, but the theories of evolution continue to be discussed as a way to understand those processes. The "why" behind man's occurrence on earth is what is actually being debated in some circles. When evolutionists attempt to answer the question of WHY we exist with evolution, evolution stops being science and turns into conjecture. Evolution does not explain WHY we exist and more than gravity does. Evolution is simply one process that exists in nature.

  • Adaptation is the basis of evolution

    If there was no evolution,everyone of us would have similar characteristics,they would not be much of a variation between us.We have also noticed multiple fossils,and i am certain they are some species from previous generations that have adapted to the present conditions for survival,the nature changes and so adaptation is necessary for survival.That might be the basis of evolution.

  • No, it obviously isn't.

    Heck, even the evolutionists and scientists call it the THEORY of evolution. The definition of a theory is a supplement of ideas used to explain something, an idea or thought that has not yet been proven. And if evolution was real and does happen, then please explain how monkeys still exist! Please explain to me how a freaking beetle-thingy turns to an APE over time! It makes no sense!

  • No, but I don't disagree with it either

    Why do you think it's called the THEORY of Evolution? Evolution is not a fact; it is a generally accepted scientific theory. It is important to distinguish between the two and not get them muddled up. While all the evidence so far points to evolution, we have no absolute proof that it happened. In the same way, the Big Bang is just a theory, albeit one that is generally accepted in the scientific community.

  • Yes, but not by chance (Natural selection)

    Some things are way too complex to have evolved. Those things are irreducible complex. Things that need all their parts in order to function, if that function loses one part the system loses its function. Examples of irreducible complex mechanisms are the eye, bacterial flagellum. Even the simplest of cells is not so simple. The chances of these proteins to get together are like 1 in billions, keep in mind this is the SIMPLEST of living cells. Natural selection and mutation by chance is not a good explanation. Let alone explaining how beneficial mutations are extremely rare or non-existent.

  • No it is not a fact

    I see no need to go further within this opinion than to say that evolution has been named the "Theory of Evolution" and even if it is a scientific theory it is still a theory and has never been solidified as a proven widely accepted fact. Therefore i believe that the "Theory of Evolution" is not a fact.

  • We didn't come from monkeys

    If we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys? If we came from monkeys, why didn't all the monkeys evolve? What was special about those monkeys? Why haven't people evolved since we started keeping records? Why can't people just except that humans have always been on earth? The only changes there have been are less or more hair, lighter or darker skin, and lighter hair, depending on where they stayed for how long, and that's just because it was essential for survival.

  • No it is a discredited, bankrupt theory

    Scripture EXPLICITLY states that God created the first man and woman, and Scripture and faith are the ONLY guides to the ultimate truth and to God. Even modern science points to this Creator and to the Creation of man and woman by God. Any evolution that might have occurred is not actual species evolving, but adaptations becoming dominant in the genes of species. Genetics was part of God's grand plan, and biodiversity is all part of His plan and His creation. This means that species could not evolve, but were created with a set of genes that could change according to his will. Man and woman were created perfect, but due to God's control of genetics, differences in mankind and species exist. But these are post-creation differences. There were no pre-creation differences because there was no evolution of species.

  • No its not ture

    Its not true because in the bible the first people were adam and eve they were not apes or hairy evolution is a opinion the bible does not talk about apes turning into man some people dont listen to the bible and they listen to the false evolution belive me evolution is a opinion

  • Are we talking about macro or micro evolution?

    I assume this question has been posed about macro evolution, which is a popular theory that is not scientifically proven. This theory states, among other things, that man evolved from biological goo, a thousand other things, then monkeys. This phenomenon has never been seen, nor proven, yet it is taught in schools as fact. Micro evolution, however, can be seen all around us everyday. It is seen in living breathing organisms that adapt to their environment. In many cases these adaptations take short periods of time, decades to even only years to accomplish. That being said, the genus of the animal that evolves never changes. If we have no proof of genus ever changing during micro evolution, which we can see and prove, why would anyone think life began with micro organisms that macro evolved and created millions of different genus? It may have happened, but as of yet there is no proof in my opinion, just a-lot of supposition.

  • Assuming MacroEvolution: NO.

    Like the previous poster, I agree that creatures evolve and adapt, but only within their own species, or possibly genus.
    There are no indications that the separate genii evolved from simpler forms of life. Any evidence found is circumstantial and can equally support the theory of Intelligent Design. Most cell organelles are irreducibly complex, and none have lent themselves to a clear, gradual, evolutionary pathway to explain their origin.

  • It is a theory

    Theory: it's a faith (religion) none has observed to animal to evolving to other animal. We know a dog produce a dog , a human produce human but none of us has seen a dog produce human and so on. It may be happen about 5%. I can even say it's impossible

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Flipbook says2013-07-09T04:07:59.077
Isn't obvious that Evolution is a fact
paul_g says2014-05-03T04:37:45.373
Just posting this here rather than countless times on peoples posts. Evolution is a scientific theory, but that does not mean it is not a fact. In science, a theory like Evolution is not an unproven "hypothesis" like many people are assuming it is. Evolution is supported by facts, an the theory is a way of explaining these facts.