Is evolution compatible with biblical Christianity?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • My R.E. Teacher said they thought it was accurate. Obviously it's compatible to some degree.

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  • God is all powerful

    If God has the power to create the universe he also has the power to make things evolve. God can do whatever the hell he wants. If he wanted to turn all the Velociraptors into ostriches he could do it in the blink of an eye, or he could do it over millions of years. Also In the Bible it says that god created the world in a few days, BUT a few days for god might be different than a few days for us. He is everywhere at all times so he isn't just on Earth or orbiting our sun. It could be that 1 day for god is like 10 million years for us. Also the big bang theory can coexist with religion too because God could easily have caused the big bang.

  • I'm a Christian and I'm also pro

    "Monkeys" were the mean that God used to have us evolving. I'm a Catholic person who is also a Science person. There has got to be a way to entwine religion and science and this way is the best way to do it. If anyone disagrees... Call me for a debate!

  • There is theistic evolution

    Darwin's theory of evolution is absolutely compatible with biblical Christianity. It's not one way or the other. One could argue that evolution did occur and was guided by a divine being. Personally I think in the matter of the origins of the universe and life on Earth, theories will only get us so far.

  • Of course it can, as long as you don't want to take a literal translation of the Bible.

    Which is completely ludicrous, considering all of its faults. However, the core values of the Bible and Christianity are very much compatible with evolution and science in general. The only thing that really contradicts evolution in the Bible is Genesis and the story of creation, which, like many of the Bible's stories, should not be taken literally.

  • The Pope Blessed the Concept

    It is the official position of the Catholic Church that evolution is real. It has been for decades, since Pope John Paul II blessed the theory back in 1996, if memory serves me, and even before then the Vatican had been more or less supporting it. It is as simple as that.

  • Both can easily co-exist

    Now I don't care whever your a Christian or not that does not give you absolute knowledge about everything Christian. Now I am a Christian and from what I understand that yes both could easily be true. Now a lot of people who read the bible generaly take a lot of sections as metaphors or as close to the truth the people who wrote it at the time understood. Now no-one could Remember what happened in the beginning- those who did hadnt learnt writing yet. But imagine this as the bible talks about God created Adam and Eve. On way he could of done it could have been just clicking his fingers and then magic OR he could manipulated the eviorment allowing us to adapt. He still created us but not necessarily within the time it takes to say "Broccoli"....

  • Evolution is against Christians Religion.

    Hello, I am a Christian.
    Evolution, It is 100% NOT compatible with Christianity.
    Those who believe in evolution think we came from monkeys.
    Those who believe in God the father believe he created Adam and Eve. So either you think we came from monkeys or you KNOW God created us.

    Unless you think God created monkeys and then we came from monkeys. Then that is a religion of its own.

  • No, not evolution

    Evolution and creationism cannot co-exist they just contradict each other.
    As for the big bang I believe was an act of God, in Genesis 1:3 "God said let there be light and divided light from darkness" that is a bang or explosion if i've ever heard of one.

    The bible doesn't contradict science it verifies what we discover

  • Where did Adam and Eve come from?

    Simply put, in order for the Christian religion to make sense, there must be Adam & Eve. Because without those two, there would be no original sin. Christianity is founded upon the idea of original sin, without it, there is no reason for Jesus Christ to die for our sins. Without the death of Jesus, there is nothing for humans but hell.

    Basically the only reason why Christians now try to say that evolution is a part of Christianity is because they don't want to deny fact & reality, but they are afraid of death and of this idea of going to hell. They want to have their cake and eat it too.

  • The story of adam and eve says we went straight from dirt to humans.

    The theory of evolution suggests that we evolved from smaller life forms. Also the bible says we are all descendants from two people while this is a scientific impossibility and evolution states that we come from many beings and not just two. Also the bible says men were here on the seventh day of earths creation while we know now that we werent here untiill billions after the world was created.

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