• Yes, yes, and yes

    Why, not only is it compatible with the teachings of Islam, but, using the Koran, hundreds of years before Darwin, they came up with evolution. Mohammedian Evolution is what it is called. Now, the way the believers of Islam are, they call evolutionists nonbelievers, even if they believe such evolution is guided by Allah. So, while it may seem as if it isn't, it is.

  • Nope and it will not be.

    The one who proved evolution from the holy quran, he/she misunderstood it .

    Especially If it is proven from surat "Nooh" verse 14, the meaning here is the process of human creation which involves evolving from a stage to other stage inside the women before they born as it is stated in other verses from the holy Quran such as the verse 14 from surat "Al-Muminoon" .

    Not evolving completely from a create to other one through the ages as Darwin observed.

  • Evolution is not compatible with Islam.

    I believe that the teaching of evolution is not compatible
    with Islam at all. The Holy Koran is
    very strict and straightforward with its message that God created everything in
    the universe. Many Islamic countries have
    no separation of church and state at all.
    The teaching of evolution in many Islamic countries would most likely
    result in violence.

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