• Evolution is real

    There is lots of scientific evidence proving that evolution is a real thing. The main reason people don't believe in it is because of the bible. The bible is just a book with no real evidence of whether what is in it is all true or not. Scientists have proven evolution to be true.

  • Of Course we evolved

    Scientist have countlessly proven that we have EVOLVED from monkeys. The bible may say that "god" put us onto this Earth but science backs the idea of evolution. And if there are no facts to back something how can people even think to believe in it to begin with? So yes we have evolved.

  • But the Bible says...

    The Bible says that God created humans, so that must be true? Well, in the Harry Potter books people can cast spells and fly on brooms. And other sources claim that there is a fat, older gentleman who travels all over the world on Christmas to give presents to well-behaved kids.

    See what I am getting at?

  • A probable theory.

    Tho what form of evolution is up for debatable, fossil evidence points towards evolution. You can basically use rock layers as a timeline. Using this time line, you can see that species in older rock is less advanced and the farther forward you go in this timeline, the more advanced the species are.

  • And I'm Christian

    Evolution is strongly supported by science, and even though some Christians oppose it, and many atheists claim that all Christians are creationists, everyone should know that not all Christians are evolutionists. While the Bible is infallible, what is not meant to be taken literally should not be taken too literally.

  • There's no evidence God exists

    One of the most common arguments here is "evolution doesn't have enough evidence to be real". Well, neither does the existence of god. Back when Judaism and Christianity was spreading, people didn't understand the world like we do today. Aurora Borealis and other things were written off as "the gods sent us this beautiful gift!"

    My point? God could just be an insane man's delusion. It could've just been some guy who only claimed to be a god, and the people didn't know better but to eventually follow it. (They still wouldn't like it for many years, they would stick to their native religions.)

    So the only difference between these opinions is one is more likely to exist. Yeah, Evolution isn't fully proven, as there is no way to truly prove it. But fossils show us that creatures existed before us that are much different from modern creatures. You can even see evolution happen with an apple orchard. How do you think they got from 'red delicious' to 'granny smith'?

    Selective breeding. The farmers saw that each apple became different over time, from softness to skin color, every now and then there was a mutation in the apple that they wanted to keep, so they planted that one's seeds, and when it produced fruit, the apples would be similar or identical to the last one's softness, skin color, taste, etc. However, this would happen over many generations of the family that owned the orchard, so it wouldn't be instant.

    So yeah, we have evidence that evolution exists, a lot actually, but still not enough to fully prove it. Christianity, on the other hand, has a thousand-year-old book that tells the story of sexism, racism, and many fictional people that probably didn't exist. Oh, and the book might've been written by someone who was insane.

  • Fr bub come on

    We know evolution is real because there are examples of us causing it in pets and other species due to our action on the planet and with them. Like animals that used to have long hair now giving birth to children more and more "naked". Just look at old horse bones.

  • We were created to evolve

    We were created to evolve...I mean western thinking is so dualistic. It is both at the same time western thinkers are not the brightest of bunch ! And then for some odd reason this website forces you too write a bunch when the point is sometimes just something really short....

  • Evolution is a fact

    Evolution is change in the heritable characteristics of biological populations over successive generations. Evolutionary processes give rise to biodiversity at every level of biological organisation, including the levels of species, individual organisms, and molecules.

    Repeated formation of new species (speciation), change within species (anagenesis), and loss of species (extinction) throughout the evolutionary history of life on Earth are demonstrated by shared sets of morphological and biochemical traits, including shared DNA sequences. These shared traits are more similar among species that share a more recent common ancestor, and can be used to reconstruct a biological "tree of life" based on evolutionary relationships (phylogenetics), using both existing species and fossils. The fossil record includes a progression from early biogenic graphite, to microbial mat fossils, to fossilised multicellular organisms. Existing patterns of biodiversity have been shaped both by speciation and by extinction.

  • Evolution is a Scientific Theory

    Evolution is a scientific theory. A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment. It is evidenced by molecular biology, anatomy, fossils, bio geography, and direct observation. Those that deny it must come to face fact.

    Posted by: Zmuz
  • Its easier to prove the truth than disprove every lie/theory.

    Off track, the laws of the universe dictate that there was a creator, the first law of thermodynamics: matter can't be created or destroyed, therefor the origin of matter in our universe must have come from a creator outside of the laws of this universe. Otherwise explain how matter/energy was "created" it came from somewhere. Also its prideful and arrogant to say we can't be creations when within just 72 years of having computers we are close to creating dimensions and worlds,"games/simulations" inside of machines that are capable of a form of artificial intelligence . Should we ever create AI like us and let the simulation run in high speed for 10,000 years I wouldn't be surprised if they deny our existence because of the suffering they experience and turn to a theory of evolution. A computer program is another dimension and the term spiritual does not mean magical, for lack of better terminology or understanding much of the Bible is poorly defined or misunderstood. When a programmer reads the Bible with the realization that God created the universe much like a program it is much more believable than when it is read by a skeptic who thinks that God was already in existence and spoke and magically everything happened, but to disprove the theory of evolution is easy. Evolution or the theory that we exist without a creator has many flaws and errors, there is more evidence against it than for it. Proof that the earth is young is all you need and the best example of that would be the depth of space dust on the moon, by measuring the rate it gathers and the depth of it science proves that the moon is less than 15,000 years old. The odds of a planet gaining a moon at just the right speed, distance, mass and angle for it to hang around for 15,000 years are so low its laughable to suggest it just happened by random chance. Keeping an open mind and and questioning everything will eventually lead you to the truth, the information is more accessible than ever before. Nobody is 100% right and we can all learn from each other so please challenge my views with good intelligent replies.

  • The bible says so.

    The Judaeo-Christian Calendar sais that Adam was made about 5776 years ago, and the earth was made 5 days before that, so about the same amount of time.

    Just as the Christian calendar sais how old Jesus is(he is about 2000 years old), the Judaeo-Christian calendar is correct about the age of the earth.

    Posted by: asta
  • You Guys do not get it

    Look if you are saying that i can evolve from a banana then i guess we are all fruit. We cant prove it we there are many articles that i can link you that has diproven this contanly. If you need any proof then just ask me. Comment if you want the articals.

  • Absolutely not because :

    Life cannot come from non life. A bunch of chemicals DO NOT make ultra-complex life forms. That's ridiculous. And even if they did, they would not need to evolve because they were made in the first place. If they were in the right conditions to be created, then there was no need to evolve. Also, morality cannot come from such blobs, and the universe did NOT just pop into existence by itself. God does not necessarily live inside his own realm of space and time so by that standard, God did not need a creator. God is God and what the Bible says is true.

  • Evolution is dumb

    If you think evolution is correct then you believe your great great great great great grandfather is an ape believe in god he will help you another is we evolved from apes then how are apes still there and humans are not evolved yet after 10 million years so Evolution is dumb

  • Science can prove that evolution is wrong

    Listen I have been doing the research on this. In earths past there was a time called the Cambrian age. At the beginning of this time period there was what scientist call the Cambrian Explosion. This is when most of the phyla we have today came into existence. This was 541 Million years ago. Before that there were only small bacteria and sponges. If you don't believe my go watch Darwin's Dilemma. Its on YouTube.

  • There are many flaws in its theory.

    There are two aspects of evolution that many scientists speak of. Macro-evolution, and micro-evolution. Micro-evolution (the natural selection and changes in allele frequencies in a gene pool) differs from macro-evolution (the evolutionary theory that says that all creatures share a common ancestor). I'm not here to refute micro evolution, but I am saying that macro-evolution is false.

    The theory of evolution state that mutations can develop to be more suitable to certain environments, and new species can be formed out of a parent species. Let me cite an experiment here. There was a 35 year experiment regarding fruit flies on which researchers forced selection on. Despite decades of research, the fruit flies never developed new alleles to better their survival in the environments they were placed in. Another continuing experiment, started by Dr. Richard Lenski in 1988, does studies on E. Coli bacteria. Over the years of research there were no new alleles added to the gene pool - only defections and mutations. The only seemingly "new" feature some of the bacteria got was a new sort of resistance to a particle, which was shown to actually not be new, but rather be an old gene that popped up later. By the laws of entropy, things would just fall apart, not come together to form better things.

    Scientists say micro-evolution mirrors macro-evolution. So why isn't there any proof of macro-evolution? Experiments done to show the workings of micro-evolution simply show the weeding out of species that don't adapt well to their environment, not new species being formed. So why do scientists try to cite evidence that isn't experiment based when there is experimental evidence to show that the theories of macro evolution are false?

  • Yes, both are true.

    Not sure why both theories cant co-exist?. As a Christian i know there is a God. Hence i believe God is our creator and creationism is true. But so is evolution, which is evident in the discovery of new living organisms. I also believe evolution is evident in the human ability to adapt the body to various climates, scenarios and food.

    Lets put it this way, if humans can create AI by simply coding in an algorithm which allows the AI to grow, morph and establish itself, by couldn't God be the creator of humans?

  • The Missing Link

    The term "missing link" is referring to the transitioning period from when we so called "evolved" from the apes to the humans that we are today. We are missing the "link", The fossils from when we transitioned into humans from apes. If we were evolutionary descendants of apes than we would have fossil evidence. Yes, Evolution does seem the most probable but nobody will probably ever know our true origins, Or if evolution is real or not.

  • Science is a liar sometimes

    Take, For example, Aristotle.
    Thought to be the smartest man on the planet. He believed that the Earth was the center of the universe and everybody believed him because he was so smart. Until another "smartest guy" came around.
    Then came along Galileo
    And he disproved that theory, Making Aristotle and everybody else on Earth look like a bitch.
    Of course, Galileo then thought comets were an optical illusion and there's no way the moon could cause the oceans tides. Everybody believed that because he was so smart.
    He was also. . . WRONG, Making him and everyone else on Earth look like a bitch again.
    And then, The best of all, Sir. Isaac Newton gets born.
    He blows everybodies nips off with his big brains. Of course, He also thought he could turn metal into gold and died eating mercury, Making him, Yet again, Another stupid bitch.
    Are you seeing a pattern? These were all the smartest scientists on the planet. Only problem is, They kept being wrong. Sometimes.
    Now you may be saying "This is insane, You fool! You just read the words of some guys you never met and just take it on "faith" that anything they wrote is true. " Mmm, And what makes you think what your scientists are writing is any more true truer than my saint? "Because there are volumes of proven data. Numbers. Figures. Th-There are fossil records! " you may retort angrily. Oh fossil records. Ahh, I didn't even think about the fossil records. I guess I'll concede. Oh, Wait. One more thing before I do, Mr. Reynolds. Have you seen these fossil records? Have you. . . Poured through the data yourself? The numbers. The figures.
    So let me get this straight, Mr. Reynolds. You get your information from a book written by men you've never met and you take their words as truth based on a willingness to believe, A desire to accept, A leap of, Dare I say it, Faith?

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ladiesman says2018-04-14T02:00:45.083
The theory of evolution accounts for most of the data; the fossil record.
Hypocrates says2019-01-03T20:46:21.007
I am a Christian who believes in Evolution.

I would add that Darwin forgot one very important part. Love.

Survival of the fittest is wrong if you have ever seen an animal coming to the aid of another.

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