• It goes against their basic stories.

    Since we have enough proof to verify evolution, I call into question the Genesis story of Adam and Eve. Considering Genetics prove this to be an impossibility, that means that Adam and Even never existed, which means that there would be no original sin, which means that there is no need for Jesus, and with that gone, Christianity/Islam/Judaism falls apart from there.

  • Evolution is a Natural Philosophy

    Evolution takes out all the supernatural explanations for life. It takes away the need for a god, or a soul, or any spirits of any kind. Evolution explains why we have an ordered structure and why life has taken form the way it has. There is no room for a god or religious explanation.

  • Yes In The Long Run

    With a short term view, evolution is not really incompatible with religion. Some people can think that a god put things in motion for evolution to take place. However, evolutionary principles show that no god is necessary for intricate life to have formed. It also shows that if there was some sort of well-designed being like a god, it would also have to have been the result of evolution. So perhaps it takes the magic out of any god belief.

  • Creationism is Not Religion

    The world we live in is free of the magic and mysticism of biblical texts, but that does not necessarily disprove the notion of a God or Creator. Evolution is a miracle, albeit a scientifically-backed miracle, that contradicts the opening of Genesis and perhaps a literal interpretation of the Christian bible and other myths, but the acceptance that religion and early philosophy is built on myth does not disprove the validity of religion, a deity, or hundreds of years of modern philosophy, much of which insist that the idea of morality - not covered by evolution - is consistent with the idea of a God.

  • Religion answers the why and evolution answers the how

    Science and religion are two different concepts. Evolution explains why life exists on earth and why humans exist. Religion is a set of ethics, principles, and morals as well as a reason for our existence. In other words, religion simply provides us with a sense of purpose and a reason to act ethically.

  • Darwinian Evolution by random selection can't explain how life began.

    Darwinian evolution does not explain how life began. It is now known that the simplest living cell has an actual blueprint programmed into it's DNA. This very specific DNA code is a biochemical language that gives codes and commands that control the molecular machinery in the cell. No cell could have lived, evolved or reproduced without this complicated information code present and information can only come from an intelligent source (God).

    The universe is not nearly old enough for this first DNA code to have happened by chance. The odds against it make it impossible. The scientific evidence now points to evolution by Intelligent Design. To believe otherwise is to believe in unknown, false, magical occurrences, that have no supporting evidence.

  • It all depends on how you define evolution

    With evolution, you need to be specific in what you're talking about. For example, I believe in evolution within a species, like our "ape-like" ancestors were humans. After all, there's no solid evidence they were apelike other than their build. So they could have been lesser evolved humans. I believe God created each species to evolve. But I don't believe that we evolved from single cells; because if they had everything they needed already, would they need to evolve? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong about this.

  • Evolution is not contradictory with religion.

    Evolution can explain how man came to be what it is, and the process involved. However, it cannot explain the origin of man, while religion can. For those who say that Evolution is contradictory to Genesis, this would only be true if Genesis was taken literally, which it is not. While many say that natural selection disproves God, I say that this idea is false, since, like the belief that the creation of the universe was entirely self-doing , this would require an unimaginable line of perfection and fine-tuning. Therefore, evolution is not contradictory with religion

  • The paradigm of evolution can be compatible with religion, but not with the Bible.

    Evolution is compatible with many religious faiths such as Hinduism and Buddhism, but when it comes to those who's faith rests in a literal, historical and grammatically consistent interpretation of the Bible, then evolution becomes entirely incompatible. Of course you can choose to not have a literal, historical and grammatically consistent interpretation of the Bible and thereby accept evolution, but such a position to me is untenable and illogical. As Richard Dawkins has said, those who attempt to fit evolution into the Bible are rather "deluded."

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