• In different ways

    We evolve to be smarter but we are losing are ability to live on nature. We rely on gajits and computers. No one at my school knows how to make a fire. Im 16. If the would ended i couldn't live on my own. Evolution used to make us smarter but is now taking us away from what could really save are lives

  • Evolution is a slow process

    By 'us' I'd assume you're referring to the human species and if you look at our evolutionary story you'll see it has clearly made us more intelligent. In more recent times there is little to suggest that the Homo sapiens species is becoming less intelligent.
    After all, evolution is an incredibly slow process for larger and more complex organisms such as ourselves so it would be difficult to accurately pinpoint anything to suggest that humanity overall is becoming less intelligent at the current time.

  • Evolution makes us lazier

    I don't believe evolution is making us dumber. As we evolve, the technology we create advances helping us as a civilization but it is making us lazier. We have cars to take us places, T.V.S that give us reasons to sit on the couch and do nothing for hours and even microwaves that help us make dinner in a shorter time. As we evolve we are getting smarter by creating inventions that help us become lazier. We're taking short cuts in life.

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