• As a creationist, I can still say evolution is real.

    Evolution is any process in development. So by definition, an embryo evolves into a baby, which evolves into a child, which evolves into an adult.

    Now there is a biological definition of evolution. Is a change in a gene pool. So by definition anywhere there is a change in a gene pool, there is evolution. There is easy proof of changes in gene pools, so there is evolution.

    Now there is microevolution, definition follows [evolutionary change within a species or small group of organisms, especially over a short period.] This can be seen in studies and everyday life.

    Now there is macroevolution which definition follows [major evolutionary change. The term applies mainly to the evolution of whole taxonomic groups over long periods of time.] This type of evolution there is evidence for, but still a possibility that it is wrong. Majority of people, as well as all of the scientific community consider it a truth. Creationist as myself consider it false.

  • Evolution is a fact.

    There is an amount evidence for evolution that could fill dozens and hundred and thousands of books. For this reason, I don't even want to give you a specific example that indicates that evolution is a fact. A single (or a few) argument(s) wouldn't do justice to the body of work proving evolution. If you don't believe in it, I suggest you google "the evidence for evolution" or read a book or two on it (I just finished "The Greatest Show on Earth" myself).

  • Depends on what you mean by Evolution.

    Of course change happens over time. We can all agree with that. However, me being a Christian.... But, regardless of whether I was or wasn't, I would follow where the evidence leads. Microevolution I do believe in. Microevolution, well that to me has no credibility whatsoever. I hope people will follow evidence.

    "A wise man has great power, and a man of knowledge increases strength. "

  • Yes it is!

    I just want to make my vote count, and i really dislike any person who can seriously believe that some "god" (spelt backward = dog) brought human life to earth. They must be mentally ill or something or have no common sense. Don't bag me out for my "bad grammar" as well.

  • Yes it is true

    I am a creationist and I still believe in evolution. Evolution means change and that happens. There is micro-evolution which is a family of species diverging from one another. I do not believe in macro-evolution which is all living things coming from one ancestor which cannot be proven. So yeah.

  • Evolution is real

    Evolution most likely real because there is a chance of one of the genes in a gene pool being changed. When will they die? What will they look like? I read this article that stated that when humans become older, they will have smaller heads and smaller teeth. That is one of the ways that scientists can prove that evolution is real.

  • Evolution Has Been Proven

    Evolution has been proven countless times by many different biologists. Take the Xavier teams experiment with PA bacteria. To give you a short summary the bacteria evolved over 10 generations from having a singular tail which laid down "highways" of biofilm to having 3 tails which allowed them to evenly spread biofilm outward circularly, this is called "hyperswarming". This experiment alone can pretty much prove evolution although we also see the same type of things happen in fruitfly experiments as well as just regularly out in nature.

  • I guess so

    I, as a person, am willing to listen to any theory that has a reasonable argument behind it. Darwin has proven evolution with factual evidence. I believe his theory because darwin has collected information that can outweigh any other theory. It is the most convincing, and most reasonable.
    Also, we, as humans, grow and develop based off of our surroundings. This can be proven in a physical aspect, and a change in character. Either way, we adapt to our surroundings. For example, when we work out, our muscles develop. This is because we are constantly using that muscle, and so our body is changing so that we can improve performance. This is similar to evolution. Living things change to make it easier to survive. Since Darwinism has been proven with both facts, and real life examples, I have no choice but to believe it. It makes the most sense.

  • It might as well be.

    What makes something true in this modern day and age?

    Whoever can support their argument the best. In order to create a rational argument, you support with rational and sufficient evidence. I am not going to argue this right now, I am going to simply state my opinion.

    I thoroughly believe that Evolution, in the biological Darwinist sense, has enough evidence to support that it is indeed real. If you would like to actually argue this with me, feel free to challenge me.

  • God is fake.

    Creation is just a goddamn theory, not a fact. It has no proof to show that is happened, unlike evolution. One piece of evidence of evolution are fossils. Another are huts left behind form some species. What do you creationists have?

    A fricking book.

    Also, evolution is NOT about apes turning into humans. It means that we had a common ancestor. Somewhere millions of years ago the species split.

  • Evolution, More Like Left Wing Conspiracy!

    There are two different types of evolution and both are fake. There is the theory that all humans are the same species and another theory that humans come from single celled organisms. First I would like to disprove that we are relatives to gorillas and monkeys. The liberal "scientists" are lying and saying that evolution is real to cover up for the abuse of gorillas in zoos nationwide. They claim that since gorillas are related to us that it is okay to abuse them but this is false. The senseless killing of gorillas across America is directly caused by the "theory of evolution." Harambe could have been saved if the citizens of the greatest country in the world decided to open their eyes and realise that we are not related to gorillas. Now I would like to prove that all humans are not the same species. For example, Asians are predisposed to be good at math and Jews were created with larger noses. Although many humans look alike, they are not the same species but instead variations of the true homosapien. Women are born with better handwriting than men while men are born with very bad manners.
    Thank you for considering my opinion.

  • Why tho government?

    Like god created us so why tho? And like wouldn't we have tails if we were monkeys? Ok i need like 33 more words so I'm just gonna wait until this just runs out. But anyway like why tho government? Why you lying to the good people that live in the country?

  • We dont come from worms

    The global dictionary states that worms do not have legs, but us humans indeed claim to be moving horizontally on two leg shaped figures. The soda, Brisk, has a yellow can which symbolizes that people of the same skin color may evolve from here, but medal cannot come from skin. If anything is right in the world then North Korea and South Korea never would have shaken hands. Don't trust anyone and don't trust evolution. Life is a prison trapped inside a nightmare in a dream world

  • God Created The Earth

    If evolution was true then why are babies born as humans and not apes, and wouldn't my pet fish be a ape by now? It also breaks 2 scientific LAWS so therefore can not be true so this is why evolution is still a theory and not a scientific law

  • God is our only creator

    Who do you think gave birth to humans beside our parents? Who created Adam and Eve? I know for a fact we didn't come from apes. All the answers just all lead back God. God is the only person who created the scientists that don't believe in God, that's why they spread lies around the world about evolution because they refuse to accept the fact that one person gave us eternal life.

  • I know that evolution is a lie because God created the universe. Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth.

    Not only does the Bible reject evolution, but so does science. The laws of thermodynamics state that everything around us is deteriorating. Everything gets worse unless organized energy is added to it. Adding unorganized energy just causes more chaos. The Earth does not have any organized energy coming into it because the Sun just adds "chaos" energy.

  • The Evolution Lie

    If evolution is true, why are the apes today not evolving into humans? Why have we not discovered a live animal mid-way through the evolving process? Because it's complete garbage. As a Christian, I believe that God created the universe. However, I have tried to give the theory a chance. I completed various in-depth studies, and things don't add up for me.
    Note: It is called the THEORY of evolution for a reason. Scientists still do not have enough evidence to prove that it is 100% true.

  • UMM you guys crazy?

    Okay simple but if there was evolution then there would be no such thing as monkeys/apes in this world wouldn't they have evolved already? . Really rethink your theory scientists. . . I'm surprised there are 51% of these people that think that evolution is real. You guys must be either stupid or not thinking it through

  • I myself am a gene biologist and i have researched both micro and macr o evolution in multiple universes

    Genes are in constant fluxuation; going in and out of recurssion. This proccess leads to a develpment in super intellegence when a gene s a comes from a universe with super intelligence. White people come from a universe with with genes and blaks vise versA. I PRESENT TO YOU THESE KNOWN FACTS: yOU DECIDE.

  • I would like to pull up some arguments...

    Argument 1: Why isn't my goldfish turning into an ape?
    Answer: Evolution takes millenia and occurs slowly depending on the environment and circumstances. A snowy day does not become sunny in 10 seconds.
    Argument 2: The bible says it is not real!
    Answer: The bible also supports slavery. Also, it might not actually be god's words.
    Argument 3: It does not make sense.
    Answer: Nothing will if you force yourself to not believe it without actually testing it.
    Argument 4: I do not care, I still do not believe it.
    Answer: You can not beat an argument with logic, when the opponent isn't using any.

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