Is evolution real or is Charles Darwin secretly the Devil trying to test our faith?

Asked by: Tyber
  • Yes, despite this loaded question's attempt to have Darwin labeled as the devil, evolution is real.

    Evolution is a fact of biology. Traits that allow an organism to live long enough to successfully reproduce get passed on more successfully than traits that don't allow an organism to live long enough to successfully reproduce. Over time, those survival/reproductive traits dominate, and organisms evolve.
    Also, evolution is true IRRESPECTIVE of Darwin.
    I don't care what scientists say, I care about what the evidence says...You should too.

  • The question posed is leading & therefore unfair.

    Why wouldn't God have used evolution to bring us to this point in time? Since He used the Big Bang to bring the universe & earth into existence & really didn't care about how long it was going to take, why not use evolution? Thing is, I believe God inserted something extra into humans, which when they were ready, separated us from all other life on earth. But, I do believe that every other type of life is due to God's use of evolution.

    Darwin was not an atheist. He was an agnostic. He seemed to fall into the same pit that so many others do today, which many do not have an understanding of God & His love for people. Many preachers use the fire & damnation approach to scare people into following God, which is counter productive. One can never force loyalty of any kind. It must be of free will.

    Anyone that doesn't think that if the whole world followed the teachings of Jesus wouldn't have transformed this world into a much better place, is only fooling themselves. There is nothing in Jesus' teachings that precludes evolution or the big bang. People seem to gut hung up on certain verses in the bible & that leads to not understanding the message therein. & BTW, only God knows by what standards He uses to give rewards of eternal life in heaven.

  • Darwin is not the devil

    Darwin is not the devil trying to undermine our faith. Evolution is true and as we read the book of nature which God wrote we see the details of evolution ever more clearly. There is no doubt that God created all things and then blessed his creation. The devil did not create evolutionary theory. The devil has other agendas, like feminism.

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