• Evolution is an indisputable scientific truth

    Evolution has loads of scientific evidence to back it up. We have fossil after fossil after fossil of species of animals that were never mentioned in the bible. According to the biblical text, the Earth is roughly six thousand years old. Billions of fossils carbon dated records contradict this claim so if you want to not believe evolution is true you have to believe all of this scientific evidence (fossils) is fabricated which no logical person is going to do.

  • Interestingly enough, partially

    I am a believer and have come across many who believe any form of the word evolution is a spit in the face of Christianity. However, a common issue with this is skipping over the fact that there are two subdivisions of evolution: microevolution and macroevolution. I personally believe microevolution is Biblical and definitely scientifically accurate. This is when a species adapts to do better in their habitat. This is where the whole idea of evolution was discovered when Charles Darwin studied the microevolution of finches in the Galapagos. Macroevolution, however, is not scientific. Darwin made a wide assumption that if small changes could occur, so could large ones that change the entire species into another. However, this can not be proved and is not possible.

  • Bill Nye the science guy

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  • Evolution is science.

    Of course it is. A lot of people who don't know what they're talking about say "well how is it in perfect conditions?" "Why where we made so perfectly?"
    Well it's simple, we're aren't made perfect.
    Our necks are used to breath and to to swallow. That's terrible.
    Also it's not our environment evolving for us. We're evolving in our environments. (That's not to say plants don't evolve and etc.)

  • Scientific yes, but not accurate.

    The concept of evolution is scientific, but not scientifically proven. There is no proof to back any of this up. It is all scientific estimations by people who are desperate to find a way that the earth could be created without God.
    The idea of evolution was created by scientists, therefore I would consider it scientific, like we do with scientific hypothesis.
    Science is only human.

  • Ken Ham is a sham.

    Anyone here could with time and application study the hell out of evolution and come to the same conclusion as Darwin, or Dawkins for that matter. Life on this planet evolved over billions of years from a single cell to where we are now. There are still many unanswered questions which will add more detail to the picture along the way but it would take something extraordinary to dismantle such a wonderful theory.

  • If evolution isn't scientific, religion is a blatant lie.

    Actually, religion is a blatant lie anyway.

    If ANYONE thinks they can say evolution isn't scientific, or that this somehow means religion has more credibility, they are deluding themselves.

    Evolution is COMMON SENSE. There is a huge amount of evidence for it. There are books full of all the evidence for it.

    I have to single out something someone posted on here because it's just so ridiculous:

    "It is all scientific estimations by people who are desperate to find a way that the earth could be created without God."

    Why on earth would a god creating the earth be a default? No matter what you think about evolution, it is infinitely more scientific than any creationist story.

  • Scientists rushed, evolution isn't proved correct.

    Here is all I have to say: If the big bang created earth, what told the big bang to happen. Science shows all of the plants were created decades and decades before earth. So what told earth to just BOOM happen? Out of no where earth had the PERFECT living conditions for a human and human life just appeared out of nowhere in approximately.. Huh this sounds familiar... 7 days. Yes. Science says it took approximately 7 days for life to begin on earth. So does the bible. So how does science explain the phenomenon of how the earth just...Appeared? The big bang theory? Not really. Have you compared a monkey's nervous system to ours? Complete different. Evolution just made another nervous system and kept all of the beginning In adapted creatures? You don't see giraffes walking around with horns still, do you? That's right, they evolved and the old species of giraffes was gone. So therefore monkies would be missing.

  • Evolution is not scientific!

    I would like to address you on a topic that has been bothering me for a while, and it is the fact that you believe that there is absolutely no god/gods at all. I just don’t understand how a human being can say that there is no god, no creator, no ruler, when in fact, it makes the most logical and religious sense. It ties up loose ends that science cannot explain, and it gives a valid explanation on how the universe was created. It answers questions scientists wonder like how was the universe created? How come evolution always has some missing links? Religion has been around for thousands of years, and you are willing to tell me that you completely disagree with that because of some conveniently placed bones in the earth? What you are saying is that someones imagination is much greater than direct messages from god through his son? You are willing to tell me that you rather believe some theory of evolution, which was dis-proven and to have very little evidence about, is far more valid than something that people have proof of? AKA the period of Jesus Christ. All I say to you is that I completely disagree with all atheists and that I believe that who ever does not believe in the spirit of god, has something wrong with them in some way.

  • Evolution has been proven

    Evolution has been proven many times, that is why is a theory, not a hypothesis. Evolution never states that man came from ape. Many religious activists do not even know what evolution is. It simply states that organisms change over time, through common ancestry. Also, there is no God. There is no evidence to prove that there is any God.

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