Is Evolution/The Big Bang Theory the best model we have for the origin of our universe?

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  • There is more Evidence for The Big Bang and Evolution Theories than any other Concepts:

    So birds are dinosaurs with some genes turned off and others adapted for different functions, such as arms for grabbing, now used for flight.
    Yet flightless birds like the Ostrich, still have their no longer used, velociraptor arms. Using reverse genetic engineering, they are very likely able to turn an ostrich back into a velociraptor by manipulating or turning back on the genes that time has turned off.

  • The evidence proves it

    There isn't any real scientific doubt out either the Big Bang or evolution. However, there might have been something before the Big Bang, that question is left open. Evolution is about how life evolved, not about how it originated. Life probably originated by abiogenesis, but that's a different topic of science.

  • Supporting our pioneers of human knowledge.

    In short, yes. All research has pointed in the direction of evolution and the big bang. No, despite what misinformed religious people may say, signs that all life evolved over time, and that the universe was once a singularity, king of goes against their texts, and proves them wrong.

    Lets not halt progress in the name of stories, written in the bronze age.

  • What I see around me is more compelling than what guys 6,000 years ago say who didn't even know the Earth orbited the Sun.

    We have tons of evidence for the Big Bang, contrary to what the ignorant people of the other side say. It's lazy to say god created the universe. It's giving an answer to something that we scientists really don't know the answer to yet. We should be asking questions on how it was created and its origins rather than taking the easy way out, saying God did it.

  • We have evidence for the big bang theory and evolution we do not have evidence that god created everything

    Also people who believe in god believe that he came from nothing or has always been there so why couldnt matter and energy have come from nothing or have always been there? The fact of the matter is that scientist dont know and they have spent there lives working towards knowing so if you just go to church and you think you know then your an idiot. If everything has to have a creator then surely an all knowing all powerful god would have to have a creator so what created him? And then what created the thing that created him? And then what created it? If scientists dont know whether or not other dimensions exist then neither do you.

  • Why deny what we can see with our own eyes?

    If you don't accept the big bang and evolution as fact, then you simply don't understand it. We can observe it and measure it and set up experiments to prove it. It's a fact. If you don't accept it, you don't understand it, and "God" is nothing but an excuse for you ignorance.

  • Say what ?

    God created the universe. How can anyone look at creation and not see the hand of God? The universe has laws. It has physical constants. Where did these come from? They didn't just happen on their own. Some people think that anyone who believes in creation is an idiot. Is it any less idiotic to believe that matter and energy just popped into existence by themselves? That they just happened to order themselves into everything that exists? That everything just happened? Sounds pretty idiotic, to me.

  • It's halfway not

    I'd like to start by saying that the evolutionary idea was considerable to start with. As science advances though, it becomes less likely. At this point, it is still somewhat possible, but far from the most likely. For the big bang theory, that is absolutely idiotic, ind it boggles my mind that intelligent people can believe it. It just goes to show that beliefs have nothing to do with intelligence.

  • Evolution Is NOT fact

    No matter what anybody says evolution has not been proven and is not at all likely. People use it and the big bang theory (which is far beyond impossible) as an excuse not to accept the truth.(That God created the Earth in six days) It is far more likely that a supernatural being created the universe. If only people would accept it. "And the truth shall set you free," John 8:32

  • It is easier to believe in God creation.

    It is a lot easier to look around and see God's hand in our existence than that of a chaotic, messy, random explosion. Anyone that has ever exploded a melon with a M80 knows that. The entire universe is laid out in just the right order for survival.
    Just one simple example.
    Rain and warm weather are needed for crops to grow to feed the earth's animals. Cold weather and frozen precipitation are needed to control vermin and evasive weeds.
    I could go on in easy, simple explanations but I am limited by the space to do so, and the non-believers will never see the wondrous work of God's mighty hand in anything.

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Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-09T16:52:29.313
No Since the beginning of time people have been searching for knowledge to understand how everything started and why are we here.All i have to say is Deuteronomy 29:29