• It Definitely is!

    We have found boat loads of evidence that points to evolution. Ring species, vestigial functions (chromosomes, body parts, bones, etc), transitional fossils, we have even OBSERVED evolution in action!

    (Although I would like to point out that the picture you are currently using to symbolize evolution with is very inaccurate and misleading.)

  • Of course it is

    Yes, unequivocally yes. It is proved by evidence, it is observable, it is falsifiable and tested. The term Theory is only given to a scientific idea once it has been PROVED through scientific experimentation, empirical data gathering and analysis, and peer review.

    Evolution is a certainty, it is not a belief, it is fact.

    Anyone who denies evolution, does so entirely on the subjective grounds of religious objection.

  • Of course it's true!

    Look at the mountains of evidence! All that the challengers of this theory do is ask for transitional fossils and then claim that they're fake. Either that, or they misunderstand it entirely. I'll tell you why there are still monkeys if we evolved from them. Evolution does not occur in a whole species at once. It occurs in bloodlines, when a life form with a cool new gene passes it on to his offspring and keeps it going. Eventually, the other monkeys without this gene will die out, but the conditions on Earth are just right for those monkeys to survive. Any more questions?

  • If you actually try to understand it, It makes sense.

    Those of you who think that evolution could not possibly have happened, simply don't even try to understand it. If I ask someone who thinks evolution is stupid to explain evolution, they misunderstand it every time. Sometimes they flat out do not know! I have to utmost respect for those who practice and believe in a religion, yet also believe in evolution. I am fine with that. The thing I can't stand is people bashing what they have no knowledge of...

    You can see a premium example of this misunderstanding with the picture being used right now. WE DID NOT EVOLVE FROM MONKEYS, WE HAVE A COMMON ANCESTOR!

  • I find it hard that people still argue over this

    The evolution of younger species from older species is a fact, the theory of evolution only looks to explain how it happens. Since a scientific theory is an explanation for anyone still hazy on the definition. Evolution (evolving species) is a fact, period. There is no debate.
    Now a quote from US president Woodrow Wilson, " Of course like every other man of intelligence and education I do believe in organic evolution. It surprises me that at this late date such questions should be raised." 1922!!!! 19 freaking 22!!!

  • Way to much supporting evidence.

    Fossil record supports it, DNA, ring species, etc. There is way too much evidence in support of it that it is laughable to deny it. It is a scientific fact and a scientific theory. Not a layman's theory, like creationists like to believe, but a fully supported, scientific theory. End of story.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • The fossil record proves it

    The fossil record has proven that through millions of years small variations in the reproduction of animals have resulted in changes, whether it be a fish gaining more fins to swim faster or cells using types of bacteria to produce more ATP. The fossil record clearly shows that Evolution has been happening since the first single celled organisms millions of years ago.

  • Evolution is without a doubt 100% scientifically evident.

    Evolution can be proven by a gigantic number of facts included but not limited to:
    Various Fossils such as the Tiktaalik and Ancanthostega explaining a clear transition between fish and amphibians,
    Various aquatic mammals such as whales have vestigial legs,
    Everything evolves language evolves politics and morality evolve and even religion evolves,
    We share 96% dna with chimpanzees, that means they are more like us than they are like gorillas, And last but not least we can actually observe it, a group of crickets on kaui island Hawaii flapped their wings to attract mates but the noise created by it attracted various flies which afterwords killed the crickets but some crickets gained a mutation which allowed them to not make any noise while flapping their wings and they ended up dying less which led to their mutation becoming more frequent which aiding them in survival, Evolution is absolutely a fact come at me!

  • It's possible, but it's not 100% true

    In science, a theory is an idea that has evidence, but is not 100% proven. Evolution has good evidence, but there's still a lot of unanswered questions. Even if it was 100% proven, it still wouldn't be enough to prove all 33,380 different forms of Christianity wrong. . . .

  • Fossils Prove a Young Earth

    I would first like to point out that science cannot prove anything exists or that anything is true, it simply supports a hypothesis. Science has its limitations, just as everything else does.
    Regarding fossils, for any method of dating, it comes with its presuppositions. Many of the fossil dating systems are just flawed. For example, a group of scientist took a lava rock from Mt. St. Helens that was created during the last big eruption in 1980. After sending the rock in for carbon dating, it was discovered to be anywhere between 0.5 million or 1 million years old. Of course that cannot be true because that lava rock was created back in 1980! This is one example that proves that the way we like to date rocks, is wrong. Therefore the assumed age of the earth is also wrong. Fossils don’t prove anything for atheism.
    On the contrary, why are there hundreds of thousands of marine fossils all around the world? The common explanation for this is that there once was a large lake there, creatures died, sinking to the bottom and were later buried under layers of sediment. There would have had to be an awful lot of large lakes everywhere because we are constantly finding marine fossils all over the world! But there is much evidence that these fossils were created rapidly, not over long periods of time. There are many fossils of creatures in the process of birthing, and other such positions. How could an animal die and be covered and be fossilized and perfectly preserved in such a position as that over a long period of time? It couldn’t have. That means that those fossils were created rapidly. The argument that the ‘fossil record supports the theory of evolution’ is wrong. It is based on false information and the scientists’ presuppositions, not fact.
    Tack on an incomprehensible number (like billions of years) to anything and it suddenly becomes possible because no one can really understand what billions of years means.

  • We can't prove it true, and we can't prove creationism false.

    The fossil record isn't a reliable source of evidence, and evolution isn't a proven theory. I'm not subject to religious subjectivity, as I'm merely subject to looking for the truth. I've looked at the evidence from an unbiased view, and I look at atheistical and theistical "billions of years" evolution as a preposterous idea. Small time-frame evolution (such as natural selection) is obvious, but on a large scale it is unprovable. I don't believe it's fact.

  • Both Evolution and Creationism are lies!!!!!!!!!

    For most of my life I've believed in evolution as an explanation for the origins of life but recently I've come to realize that that's bullshit too. I think people who believe in either creationism or evolution can't live with the fact that maybe we'll never know how life started so they want to believe in anything that'll comfort them or give them relief. If a God did create humanity and made them perfect in their own image how come there's so many rapists, murderers and thieves on this planet? The problem I have with evolution is if humans did evolve into their present form from monkeys or a common ancestor then why don't monkeys turn into people? Why do they stay the same? Only knuckleheads believe in these idiotic theories. They're not facts, only theories and that's all they'll ever be.

  • Evolution from a christian perspective

    Evolution is the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form and the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth (monkey to man). Things change, that is evident, but science and the BIBLE prove again and again that evolution isn't true. They also prove that life doesn't come from non life.
    For more info go to:

  • Evolution from a christian perspective

    First of all, things change, and we can observe that.Evolution is the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form and the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth (monkey to man). In evolution life came from non-life and that life began to randomly generate humans. That is entirely different and really, doesn't hold up against science. Evolution in the sense of molecules to man isn't scientifically possible and, therefore, shouldn't be viewed as scientific fact. Evolution opposes observational science... That is the kind of science that we can test, repeat, and use our 5 senses to understand. Science demonstrates that over time living organisms LOSE genetic information, they don't gain it! Science also shows that life doesn't come from non-life..."there is NO known observable process by which new genetic information can be added to an organism's genetic code, NONE! And since you can't go from a fish to an amphibian without adding new genetic information. So how can anything go from an amoeba to a man without adding new genetic information? IT CAN'T, PLAIN AND SIMPLE! Some people have had ideas and called in an artist to make pictures based off guesses and have been successful in telling a convincing tale that humans evolved from apes. But those are just sketches people, they're just stories! What we really observe is apes are apes and we are humans. So let's just thank the Lord our God that we were made in his image, and get on with life!


  • What's the Alternative?

    I was taught this theory in High school without any thought of challenging it, I naively believed that because it was published in our textbooks it must be fact. There were many times I found myself defending the validity of evolution with more conviction than any religious dogma. The illustrations of the stages of mans evolution from ape to human beings are still etched in my mind as is it were the irrefutable fact of our existence, There are many extraordinary intelligent people from all walks of life who have done their own research to discover the truth. I myself am a recovering evolutionist who has woken up to the brainwashing I was subjected to in the academic world, The science community will continue to stubbornly adhere to their beloved evolution dogma because they're well aware of the alternative that involves some sort of creator, I find it quite peculiar that they consider those creators to be a more advanced civilization when we haven't got a clue if these alien beings even exist in the known universe. With the billions of stars and planets in our own milk way galaxy we believe beyond doubt that these intelligent beings must exist when there's not a shred of evidence to support this belief. We really believe that we're so much more advanced than the ancient societies with all our technological advancement but the truth is that we've become so materialistic that we've lost any attachment to our spiritual nature.

  • It's a Delusion From satan!

    Do any of you ever think that satan is behind this delusion. Everyone who looks at this, go to and you'll see all the evidence for creation and all the proof evolution is false. Learn everyone, God is the truth - PERIOD! Stop believing this crap and turn to a 6,000 year old Earth!

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intellectuallyprimitive says2014-09-12T19:21:58.287
Evolution is neither true nor false. There is however, evidence in regards to evolution.