Is evolutionary science a threat to Christianity?

  • Suprise yes it is

    So many will be thinking that they can coexist, and before when I was very young I used to think the same thing. However, if you take a look and read the Bible you would see the two are completly at odds against each other. The Bible uses a Jewish word called "Yom" when this word is proceeded or followed by a number or day or evening than this word always 100% of the time mean a 24 hour period of time, for example Israel marched around Jerhico for 7 Yom (days) same word. God could have used evolution if He wanted too, and than just stated that He made life start in the ocean and evovle, He didn't say that
    Another problem with evolution and the Bible is the problem of death, for evolution to be true animals where dying for a long time pror to man being alive. The Bible clearly states that death came because of the Sin of Man.

  • Not just christianity, it is a threat to the concept of all religions.

    Thanks to modern science, we no longer need to rely on thousand year old anonymous scripture to base out laws and education on. Religion is an ever closing gap in scientific knowledge and it is dying. Evolution have solid empirical evidence to - once and for all - prove religious texts are wrong, including bible and quran.

  • Yup it is

    Parents can't keep their children from learning about science and evolution at school. It is a requirement for the child to progress on to the next grade, and graduate from High School. More kids and teens are starting to believe it because it is logical. Although neither evolution or proof that there is a higher being is available, I believe it makes the most logical sense. I can see if someone wants to have a religion because they feel they need someone to tell them what to do, but personally I have not had religion in my life for a long time. I am living a happy life.

  • Assuming Christianity is creationist and possesses a Young Earth philosophy.

    Evolutionary Science does not just consist of Biology. It incorporates a vast array of scientific fields (Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, History, Cosmology, etc). Cosmology is one that particularly presents a full-frontal attack to Creationist and Young Earth philosophy.

    Assuming that Young Earth philosophy embraces the notion of an Earth that is ~10,000 years old, the modern cosmological theory (MCT) is not compatible with such a view. MCT estimates the age of the Universe to be ~13.7 billion years old, and the age of the Earth ~4.5 billion years old.

    A popular defense from the Young Earth camp is that radiocarbon dating is inaccurate. Which is just not true. It's incredibly accurate. It's propaganda spread by the YE camp (in the same manner as Coca-Cola defaming Pepsi by declaring that Mountain Dew reduces sperm count, it's just made up). Consider this: the scientists that use radiocarbon dating, if they understood that it wasn't accurate, would they not stop using it? Yes, they would, otherwise the data received from it would not be reliable to back up their claims. This notion that radiocarbon dating is unreliable is a bit stupid when you realize that there are dozens of more complicated radiometric techniques that are available to use.

    Also consider this. Photons (light particles) travel, obviously, at light speed (299,792,458 m/s). This speed is a constant in a vacuum; it is always this value and never anything else. The distance that light travels, at this constant speed, in one year is called a light-year. Now, consider this scenario, you are looking out at the night sky, and you see an object that you know to be 100 light-years away. By pure logic, you must acknowledge that the light bouncing off that object must have taken 100 years to travel through the vacuum of space to arrive in your eyes. No-one would contest this. Now also consider this, the length of the Milky Way galaxy is ~100,000 light years across. And we can see to the end of it (using very powerful detectors, and using tricks involving gravity), therefore, the light bouncing off the objects at the outer extremities of the galaxy must have been traveling for 100,000 years to reach us. But this is not compatible with Young Earth philosophy. The universe must be AT LEAST 100,000 years old.

    But it doesn't stop there. We can see out into the universe up to a point about 14.5 billion light years out. We can't see past this (this is called the observable universe). The light bouncing off the objects at these distances must have been traveling for 14.5 billion years, therefore the light particles must have been in existence for them to do said traveling.

  • They can both coexist.

    Just because God may or may not have created the world in six days does not mean that there is no God. It is about interpretation and we also have to remember that the Bible was edited and written over a very long period of time so we don't know what got rejected or what stuff got lost in translation. Evolution does not disprove God, as one could argue that the creation is metaphorical or that God initiated evolution. In fact looking deeper remember that the world at the beginning was the one that man was cast out of so it could be seen as paradise (though this is very superficial)

  • No, no ,no, and no again!

    Half the Bible was written centuries before Jesus was born, while the other half was written decades after Jesus died! I have NO CLUE why it is the holy book of Christianity. Its stories should be taken as metaphors, parables, and allegories; they DO NOT represent Christians' views on science! Only crazy fundamentalists truly believe that evolution is false or that science is the devil's way of fooling humans. No religion has anything to do with science. The notion of God's existence contradicts science exactly 0%. Religion only concerns itself with how to get to God; nothing more, nothing less.

  • No. No. No.

    Evolution is not a satisfactory explanation for the way the world is today. The importance and truth of Christianity transcends the imperfection of Evolutionary Science. While I do not have a hard position on how God created the world, there are simply too many shortcomings in evolutionary science for it to be convincing.

  • There is no reason for it too

    First of all there is no more evidence for evolution than there is for no evolution. No one has ever found the missing link between apes and humans because there is no missing link, apes did not evolve into humans.

    Secondly evolution is not against religion. God designed us to be amazing creatures which includes designing us with the ability to adapt to our environment.

  • Seminal contributions to it were made by members of Catholic clergy.

    The Catholic Church(The largest church in the world) accepts evolution as consistent with the Bible, and the book:'The Genesis Enigma' says how the genesis actually supports evolution.Many such as Gregor Mendel contributed to the development of modern genetics that helps explain evolution.Evolutionary science may be a threat to a superficial understanding of christianity like Fundamentalism and a literal interpretation of the Bible,not to true spirituality.

  • Not even remotely

    Evolution isn't even remotely a threat, the only thing it challenges is a literal/young earth interpretation of Genesis. I am a Christian and my belief isn't challenged by evolution, in fact my faith develops alongside it. You can still be a creationist with an old earth interpretation as well, I really don't see the fuss about it. My girlfriend is a creationist and evolution doesn't challenge her faith, my sisters philosophy teacher believes in creationism and evolution, there's simply no real conflict between the two, and there's certainly no conflict to Christianity.

  • No, Absolutely not

    In fact, a careful reading of the first chapter of Genesis will reveal that the bible makes no claim to special creation. Instead, the words that are often repeated are "Let the earth bring forth...", suggesting that He allowed the earth to produce plant an animal life rather directly placing them on the earth.
    I believe that the apparent conflict between evolution and the bible is a result of religious leaders being overzealous in defending their perceived turf after Darwinism took of in the early 1900s. The two can easily co-exist.
    For those that have trouble understanding how the 6 days of creation correspond to the millions of years required for evolution I highly recommend reading "The Science of God" by Gerald Schroder. He basically explains that thanks to the theory of relativity and the fact that the universe started expanding rapidly since the big bag, both the 6 day period and the millions of years that science requires are correct. It all depends on which perspective you use, Gods or ours.
    Evolution still cannot explain how 530 million years ago during the Cambrian explosion we went from single celled organisms to aquatic animals with fully developed eyes and appendages. Clearly, a feat like this required the hand of an all powerful Creator.
    Here is how God described it
    "And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven." Genesis 1:20
    The time period for this happening, as Schroder describes it is about the same time as the Cambrian explosion. The coincidence like this should not be overlooked.

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