Is exam malpractice the cause of the falling standard of education?

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  • Although cheating may influence how productive education is or isn't, it starts with the teachers.

    Cheating on tests has always been an issue in education. It is not something that is so severe that a teacher couldnt simply fail a student or have them removed from the class for the duration of an exam. Simply put, if a student's education is lacking. Its the responsibility of the teachers to improve their teaching methods so a student can further understand his topic.

  • Poverty is the cause of the failling standard.

    Tests, teachers, this regulation, clothes, video games, all these things are non-issue distractions that are confusing Americans, and for one purpose, to get them not to realize the real reason education is going under: inequality and poverty. In reality, public schools in well-to-do and wealthy areas rank among the highest in the world.

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