• No, clothing can be attractive at any price.

    Some people are insecure about themselves and so try to make themselves feel better by purchasing super expensive designer clothing. Other people have an eye for what is flattering and know that what will look good on them can be bought at a sale price or at a discount store or even at a thrift shop.

  • Quality is worth it!

    It all depends on quality. If it is good quality, I'll spend the money! If it is poor quality, I wont. I am not spending $5 on a crappy piece of clothing, only to have to replace it within the next week, that means I have to spend MORE money! If

  • Yes... Provided that...

    Expensive clothes are worth the price provided that the quality correlates with the cost. This is not always the case - sometimes the price seems to be justified only by brand name and/or style. However, regardless of whether or not there is a fancy brand attached to an article of clothing, if the material is top quality and it fits your body type well, then I would say there's nothing wrong with paying top dollar for it. If it makes you feel wonderful just to put it on, then why not? If it's good quality, it will last for ten years or more. I'd rather that then to change over cheap clothes every year that might not fit as well or make you feel as special.

  • It could depending on what you buy.

    If you're priorities are straight, I see no reason why you cannot treat yourself to something that is expensive. As long as youre not going to destroy these clothes or treat them unreasonably, then why shouldn't you buy those new Jordans? If clothes are a high priority in your life and you have the money, then why not?

  • Well... IT DEPENDS

    I'm saying yes though it depends because you don't want to pay for something that will shrink or be super thin and (if clothing has a picture) if the picture is stretched after one wash. Polo is a good brand as well as Under Armour. Rue 21 sadly has mostly thing clothes that after 1 wash, gets thinned out. Be careful what you choose.

  • Depends on your style

    If you are on the fast fashion bandwagon then yes by all means buy cheap because next season will be another trend. Im trying to build a capsule wardrobe that has classic pieces that never goes out of style. So for me its better to invest in expensive pieces that i can wear 10 years down the road not having to worry about clutter of trendy cheap clothes that are sitting in a pile to be donated. Price tags can make you cringe. You might even to save up and thats what makes it sentimental. Makes you care for it more and clean it gently

  • Yes wait for a sale

    Yes the clothes will fit better and will be softer.Depending on designer. I do my best to wait for sales. Got 125$ pants for 40$ before. The more popular style are usually gone first but maybe you'll get lucky. My favorite store to shop in is Ralph Lauren, True Religion and I might be soon getting some G star. I'm debating a purchase now purple label Ralph Lauren sunglasses 375$ +tax and a Gucci 380$ + tax

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  • Depends on the quality

    There is balance here between price and quality. I purchased clothes at Walmart for a while, and most of the time, seams were fraying after 3 washes. I have to look neat and clean for my work, and was spending a lot more than I really needed to. The first time I paid $50 for a quality pair of chino's from LL Bean, I about had a heart attack. But after a few washes it was very clear that the fabric is MUCH better quality, and so is the construction. After a year of hard use, the seams aren't twisting, and they aren't pilling and wrinkling like the walmart brand. These are worth it! Now, you could not convince me to spend $100 for the same thing. I cannot see paying $1000 dollars for a pair of shoes, much less the $4000 or more that some designers charge. If the value is there, I will spend the money, if not, no way. That being said, I tend to need convincing. I got my first LL Bean item, a "Boat & Tote" bag, at a thrift store for $5. I have used and abused it for years, and I think it's going to outlive me. It was the quality of this item that convinced me to give their pants a try, and I'm glad I did.

  • Yes, to an extent

    Brands like Hollister, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Under Armour are worth it. Within their respective styles, they will last longer than the cheaper versions. But, anything higher than those in terms of prestige are kind of pointless. I see people saying that better brands are just to make people feel better, but I can't find anything wrong with wanting to feel better. If you can afford the better clothes and you feel better wearing them, by all means wear them. I don't recommend buying clothes that you can't afford. Live within your means.

  • What are you paying for?

    To begin with, I can't deny that most brand-named products are of good quality but it doesn't mean that ordinary products are anything worse.

    Brand names are not worth their high
    prices. Many products in the market can be just as good, durable and
    fashionable as brand-named ones. If you are shallow enough to spend a few months’ salaries on a few minutes’ pleasure, then go ahead. Otherwise, when you want to buy a brand-named product next time, make sure you consider the usefulness of the product itself rather than its brand.

  • No, expensive clothing is not worth the price.

    You are not paying for the material, you are paying for the brand name. You can buy a pair of jeans at walmart for $25.00 and those exact same pair of jeans at a mall outlet for $100. They still suffer from regular wear and tear and if you buy an expensive pair, you are down and out for a long time.

  • No, it is not worth it.

    Why? Because clothing is clothing. While it may be true that more expensive clothing is made with better materials, there is a limit to how durable, or worthwhile a pair of pants, or a shirt is, when considering a price tag. Every clothing designer is looking for profit, and so much of expensive clothing is subject to the same creation standards as cheap clothing. Outsourced to other countries where that's their expertise. Therefore, I don't believe that buying clothing that is expensive to be worth the price. Goodwill, and other such thrift shops offer clothing that will last for years.

  • Expensive clothing is not worth the price.

    No, expensive clothing is not worth the price. As long as the clothes you wear are comfortable and look decent for where you're wearing them (school, work, events, etc.), it shouldn't really matter who designed them. There are many more important items that people need that they should be spending their money on.

  • Does a brand name even cost hundreds or even thousands of Hong Kong dollars?

    Nike products are almost double the price as Adidas products overall. Why? Just because of the name difference! How is the name and logo of the company worth at least HK$100? You can buy a pair of trousers that cost over HK$1000 at one of those top designer brand stores, and you can also get one at another store with little popularity at prices of below HK$200! Even some top brand products share the same cons with lower-popularity brand products! Yes, the quality may be a little higher, but think THRICE: Is it really worth it?

  • Why would it be?

    First of all its way to fancy and if you ruin it, well that's it you cant do anything else. Second of all there just the same brands from just regular clothe stores and don't seem to have better quality. Third of all they are way to much money and they don't even make you look cool.

  • You don't need Fancy clothes!

    Fancy Clothes aren't worth the price. Even if you do have the fanciest clothes, someone will say something about your clothes. People may say "Oh, that isn't the right color" or "You need Air Force 1 by Nike, not Adidas", For me I do not see the point of using all your money on pointless clothes. Even after you buy the clothes, they just will come out with a new brand and the cycle will continue. Also, You are practically paying for the little moose or seagull on your jeans and shirts. Also, considering the popularity topic, people shouldn't like you for the clothes you wear, your personality should be the thing that everyone likes you for. If people are just going to be like that, you should find some new friends. Friends that will like you for your personality and characteristics.

  • Clothing is a poor investment

    Its much more important to stay in shape. Spend your money going to the gym and you will find that many cheaper clothes look fantastic on you. I think people pay for expensive clothing as a means to appease a compromised self image. Remember that you have no rate of return on that 400 dollar pair of jeans or grossly over priced purse. BUT people will always be envious of a fit and toned body, plus you gain the benefits of improved health and a fat bank account.

  • NO, it's really not worth the money.

    When you expensive clothes such as a designer brand it is not worth the money because study shows about just jeans alone the cheaper brands can last longer and be better made, also have better quality. Why get something designer anyway if you can get something very similar for way less money. This is why I think you should not buy expensive clothing v.S. Cheaper, better quality clothing.

  • NO, it is not important

    Wearing expensive clothing is not important because, you don't have to wear expensive brands to make you feel better. I think that most people choose expensive because they either want to look like the models that they see in stores or they think that they will be singled out if the don't wear it.

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