• Experiences can leave you scarred

    Remember that one time you drowned in the pool or got burnt in the fire or stung by a bee or bitten by a dog. These experiences have left you scarred and afraid to try related things and this blocks your learning. Hence I would say that some times experiences are not the best form of learning.

  • Experience = learning

    A child knows that when he kicks a wall he will be hurt. But when he will learn when he actually kicks it and get hurt. The pain is the mistake that will teach him right from wrong. The reason why SNS are not appreciated is that they destroy the communicative skills of a person. Technical but not practical.

  • Yes, experience trumps the classroom

    You can only learn so much from being told how things function, at a certain point you need to actually see it demonstrated and be a part of it in an interactive setting to progress in expertise. Experience can't be taught, you simply have to actually try things out in a real, non-educational setting to truly understand them.

  • YES!! Experience is key!

    As a student I believe that the best way I have ever learned anything is through experience. I think that school's should implement more hands-on curriculum's and I strongly believe that that will lift grades in many students. Experience is the best, by far, way to learn something. That's my opinion.

  • To me, yes.

    I learn best by doing. Some people prefer to read, or to watch a video on how to do something. While these things help, I'm never really comfortable doing something until I've tried it on my own. I can completely understand a concept, but until I'm capable of producing the same result on my own, I don't consider myself as having learned it.

  • You Never Forget What the Experience Taught You

    Yes, experience is the best form of learning. Those of us with teenagers can attest to this. We try to tell our kids fifty times over that they need to drive slower on slick roads and gravel roads. They don’t listen. Then when they slide off the side of the road, that one experience instantly hits home in a way they will remember for the rest of their lives. It’s the same for all of us. We don’t learn from just reading how – we need to experience something to really feel it inside. Nursing students read about how to draw blood but can’t really do it until they’ve practiced on a person a few times to gain the experience.

  • Yes, most people learn the most through experince

    I feel that experience is the best form of learning because I think you can learn much more from doing something than from reading about it. When doing something for the first time, it is likely that some mistakes will be made. When people make a mistake, it is much more likely that they will remember their errors and learn from them.

  • I Do, I Understand

    The Chinese proverb states, "I do, I understand." That is most certainly true to real life. Seeing examples, pictures or hearing of others' experiences only goes so far. Actually going through a situation, with its pitfalls and promise, is the best teacher humans have to offer. The reason is that life lessons stick with us the most due to emotional outcomes. A very emotional rejection or overjoyed acceptance often gives us memories that last a lifetime.

  • Books only get you so far.

    Learning from a book can only teach so much; eventually, you have to get out there and learn by doing. Practicing a skill is the best way to improve, and, unfortunately, very often the only way for a lesson to truly sink in is to suffer the consequences of a mistake.

  • Children learn in fun ways

    Not all people find experiencing things fun and according to UNICEF, different children learn in different ways and some learn by doing fun things like games and story telling maybe. These fun activities help children remember things they learned more. We should always remember that each person has their own way to learn things. Not everyone can learn best from experiencing.

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