Is experiencing pleasure during sex a requirement to have a baby

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • It may not be required but it helps.

    For obvious reason, it is almost necessary for the guy to be but there are methods and devices that could and are used by guys that lack the ability. For women, it is not as necessary but it does help. When a woman peaks, the cervical opening dips further into the vagina making pregnancy more likely.

  • I think I know what this is a response to.

    It's a response to the comments about a woman's body stopping pregnancy in case of rape, I take it? That argument is as good as dead. There are huge numbers of young women who get pregnant at a young age by sex their husbands force upon them in Islamic countries. First that, and now "bring back our girls" mockery? I'm getting a feeling evangelical Christianity and radical Islam are secretly in cahoots.

  • Best troll question ever!

    I wanted to say yes just to get some rude comments, but then I realized some people may start believing something as bizarre as this if it continues to get too many hits. You are a funny guy, and I must say when I saw this opinion at first I was wondering who could be this dumb. Then I saw it was you and just chuckled.

  • And hence why the "if everyone was gay we'd all die out" argument is bs

    A man and a woman do NOT require sexual attraction to have a baby. They could just fantasize about the same sex (the man anyways) in order to get an erection and then the woman would still reproduce. But then there wouldn't be any unplanned pregnancies and the attendant problems related to that.

  • A weird but somewhat interesting question...

    I believe I feel the need to portray a Socratic response: Are there brutalized and raped victims in our world that obviously had no pleasure during the act able to conceive a child?.... And what about the man or woman that has some sort of medical condition that impairs the reception of pleasure during intercourse and successfully reproduces?

  • Pregnancy occurs whether it is enjoyed or not:

    The gametes are produced and join, whether the parties producing them enjoy it or not, the enjoyment comes from sensory arousal, but this in many cases does not occur during sex. The act of sex is more about producing offspring and the female orgasm is often a byproduct of her having the basics of a male penis (clitoris) which is often not sufficient to produce it during sex.
    The males were built to get stimulation, where the females get stimulated as a side effect of having a spandrel penis.
    All is not equal in the nature of sexuality.

  • Um, I take it you never took biology in High School?

    Sperm meets egg. Egg is fertilized, egg implants in the uterine wall, egg/sperm combo becomes fetus/placenta combo, boom, you have a pregnancy. Since IVF works, and no I'm not going to cite a source for a completely universal FACT, I think it pretty obviously follows that sexual stimulation experienced as pleasure is not required to achieve pregnancy. As a woman, I can pretty well attest to the fact that a giant needle up the hoo-ha would be the exact opposite of pleasurable or satisfying. The female orgasm, sexual stimulation, and pleasurable sensation have nothing to do with a sperm's ability to meet with and fertilize an egg, or for that egg to successfully implant in the uterine wall. Ergo, this question is absurd.

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