• Exporting supports the economy

    Exporting goods to other countries is no doubt playing a part in supporting the flagging economy and encouraging it to bounce back.....well not bounce, more like creep back! In any case, exportation is should always be part of a successful plan to keep the economy of any country moving smoothly.

  • Yes, exporting to other countries is helping the U.S. economy bounce back

    Exporting to other countries is helping the U.S. economy grow. It opens up more jobs for U.S. citizens as well as bringing in a lot of income. It also has a chance at opening up opportunities for new jobs that never existed before. As a result the whole economy will benefit from U.S. exporting.

  • Exporting our goods

    Exporting is a necessity in any country that supplies goods. Not every country has the traditions or the history that others have had nor the trades we have developed over many years. This makes our talents valuable and our commodities even more so. After the reat estate market crash in 2008 the US economy suffered an all time low... That is why exporting goods such as fruit to other countries and/or machinery to countries in much need have been helpful to get our country back on its feet. Of course it is a long process due to the billions in debt but as long as we do not sell ourselves short our economy will bounce back in no time.

  • Exporting is healthy for our country

    Exporting to other counties is making the economy bounce back because selling is what makes money. Our country needs to do a lot more exporting for it to have a real impact. Reigniting manufacturing, even at a slow pace, is what the US needs to make its citizens and general economy healthier.

  • What the He//

    It's making us seem like a role model which other countries don't need because we are horrible at are job. Look at the amount of fat, lazy people who just sit around watching tv, eating junk food, and laying video games. When are people finally gonna understand how bad it is for the other countries. We're just gonna make it worse for other countries and lose ARE stuff in the process. It would be better for everyone if we just back off and leave everyone alone.

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