Is Extra Time in examinations a fair system?

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  • Extra Time doesn't provide a balanced performance differential

    Whilst Extra Time seems initially the sensible thing to do for individuals with dyslexia, I believe it is not the appropriate system to enact for them, or anyone else. This is because part of the exam - particularly in essay subjects - is testing one's ability to write and convey information in the time allotted. I believe personally that individuals with dyslexia should be given a computer with a spellchecker and given the same amount of time, as in the present day this is what is provided in work and that should be what it is assessing. If an individual with dyslexia is given extra time and gets a higher grade as a result and then still fails to perform on a computer, it will cause detriment for them in future when their employer terminates their contract due to their failure to perform.
    Secondly, I believe this system is abused. I could have got extra time for various factors (which I didn't take and still got 9 A*s), and a huge quantity of people had it for what was called 'slow handwriting'. Again, I believe this should be rectified by giving them a computer. 25% Extra Time is not only excessive, but also eliminates the part of the test that is determining if they can make their information concise enough in the time given. A computer would eliminate the handwriting part of it (which is not necessary in today's society) and still provide the time restrictions that should be part of the test.
    In Summary, I believe the Extra Time system is unfair because it does not provide an unbiased and balanced representation of people's performance especially in essay based areas, and it should be limited to a computer with a word processor on it. The Extra Time system not only results in individuals who are not capable of ordinarily achieving a grade (and consequently would not be able to perform at that grade in the workplace where they will not be given time), achieving said grade and getting into professions that will not be suited for them, it also removes the differentiator between those who are capable of conveying information in a restricted timeframe, and those who are not.

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