• Yes, I think facebook can be valuable.

    I am not on it very much, but I think for some people it is a way to stay in touch and so is very valuable as social media. Still, there are better uses of time than spending hours on it each day, such as actually calling or meeting up with your real friends and family to make the bonds more real and secure instead of just on screen.

  • Very convenient to use

    Facebook is very convenient because it is multi functional as it has instant messaging, A new Messaging platform, codenamed "Project Titan", was launched on November 15, 2010. Described as a "Gmail killer" by some publications, the system allows users to directly communicate with each other via Facebook using several different methods (including a special email address, text messaging, or through the Facebook website or mobile app)—no matter what method is used to deliver a message, they are contained within single threads in a unified inbox. As with other Facebook features, users can adjust from whom they can receive messages from—including just friends, friends of friends, or from anyone.

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