• Yes, I think Facebook is a good investment.

    Yes, I think Facebook is a good investment. I think the social network site is a wonderful place to stay in touch. I feel that they could only get bigger and stronger as more of the world gets onto the Internet. I really think they have the future inside of their hands.

  • Facebook not a good investment

    No I do not think that Facebook is a good investment for your 401k plan. Though it is very popular as of right now we do have a new younger generation that will take over the Internet. Myspace was a good social media website that ran its course. I think Facebook will be the same way.

  • No, Facebook is not a good investment for your 401k plan

    When planning for your retirement, it goes without saying that you want to invest in something rock-solid, something that couldn't conceivably fail over the course of your lifetime. Given these criteria, investing in social media, even the king of social media, is likely not a good idea. Sure, for now Facebook is ubiquitous and seems unlikely to fail in the foreseeable future, but in the volatile world of internet based, user facing corporations, things can change on a dime, even for the (for now) almighty Facebook.

  • Facebook is too trendy

    Facebook is too trendy of a stock for the 401k plan. If a person were going to monitor their stocks more actively than passively, I guess it would be okay. But Facebook's success is based on a currently popular system of social media. Since technology is always changing, Facebook shouldn't be in the 401k.

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