• Facebook is incredibly influential

    Facebook isn't just a way to keep up with friends, exes, colleagues, and enemies. It's also an influential platform with the power to effect great change. This is because many people use the site to stage protests. While this may be dismissed as mere "clicktivism" or "slacktivism," it can also make a difference.

  • It is and does

    Of course social media is a major influence in our world the ways that has been proven over and over in more ways than we could even fathom.
    We often hear of the many stories of people allowing social media to influence them to an extreme extent. Anything that has that much influence is a very powerful tool and not necessarily in a good way.

  • Social media rules people.

    In this day and age people are so wrapped up in social media it isn't even funny. Some people go so far as to say that if it doesn't happen in social media it doesn't happen at all. This in and of itself is an absurdity but social media outlets like Facebook have the power to potentially do anything as long as people feed the monster and continue to be a slave to social media.

  • Yes it is

    Facebook has influenced many people around the world. It has influenced elections and politics around the world. The influence of social media and facebook on Egyptian politics is undeniable. Facebook has also exposed the mistreatment of minorities by the police. It is very clear that it is a catylist for change .

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