Is Facebook actually hurting relationships rather than helping them?

  • Yes, it does.

    People wear fake faces in the virtual. When you start the relationship in real, the true face emerges...And your fantasy collapses. This we already know but we do the same. So, the result is inevitably the same...That is human nature. Repeat the same mistake by knowing what has happened previously. It is a human failure that we cannot find love in the real world.

  • Facebook does more than just hurt relationships.

    There's a lot to say about it. Facebook is doing more than just hurting relationships. It's also harming the self esteem of most individuals. My best friend was emotionally hurt for a long time. Because Facebook was the starting point of his issues with what he believed to be "great friendships" that ended horribly. And his relationships as well. I'm 20 so my friends list consists of most people my age or a tad younger/older. I'll cut my true thoughts to a minimum. I'll start by saying one thing. With the use of Facebook, we're learning too much about each other. People have the ability to do and say what they want without caution or remorse due to the limited consequences. People have the freedom to stalk all the people/photos they wish and stay quiet. That triggers many emotional hysterias within itself. Facebook also makes getting over a breakup difficult. Seeing as how a person encounters posts of positive or negative statuses relevant to the departure. Or even, statuses/pictures relating to their exes NEW relationship. Facebook also enables serious jealousy. Be it friendships or relationships. And the sad thing is, most people don't have the willpower to deactivate their accounts. There are countless irrational reasons for that. But I believe the main thing is, most people spend their time on Facebook waiting. To spark old friendships or relationships. Or to simply encounter new ones. Either way, they do their best to conform to whatever standards it takes to get a third of the attention they long for. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure there are some users out there who utilize the social network to keep in touch with distant friends or family. However, I believe most users are either...Depressed or obsessed. Or both! This is simply my opinion.

  • Relationships are really getting hurt on Facebook because everything is not personal anymore.

    Facebook has done much good in bringing people together, but so much worse in tearing them apart. Relationships are being hurt because of the ability to say what you want without any consequences on Facebook. People feel no remorse because they don't have to see the raw emotion expressed on a face when breaking up or not talking to someone anymore. Facebook is changing the social scene, but not always for the better.

    Posted by: M0r3Interior
  • It depends on the level of trust in the relationship, but I have seen Facebook increase jealousy, which hurts the relationship.

    I've noticed a lot of jealousy in relationships, since Facebook has evolved. Most of it, in my opinion, is childish and basically high school nonsense. When grown adults use Facebook, it seems like they are turning back the clock and their spouses revert back to high school jealousies. I find it humorous and childish at the same time.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • It's two faces...

    Facebook has a dichotomy: public posting (also includes likes, comments), and private messaging (often demanding immediate replies). Relationships are built on intimate understanding and trust; media based 'digital personhood' is all image, interpretation, and feedback. Intimacy with the internet. Trophy lives online. It creates more levels of distrust between partners.

  • Playground for the Emotionally Ill

    Those addicted to sympathy and attention use it to feed their habit. They will even lie to get their "high", not caring who they hurt. When they get those "likes" from virtual strangers, they want more, more and more. The posts always eventually get back to the person lied about. The lies destroy relationships. It's hard to recover from. People need to remember that those "likes" they give might be enabling an off-balanced person. If you don't know the person being criticized by this Attention or Sympathy Addict... stay out of it! Same goes for the Drama Queens who live for their varied "illnesses" and trauma. Tread lightly unless you know the person in real life. If you do.... call them or write them personally!

  • Seems to be an addiction

    My boyfriend logs in every morning and throughout the day. He feels a need/curiosity to see what people are posting even though he contends that he only uses the app. to communicate with his family in another country. I told him it was going to come down to facebook or me. He feels I am being unreasonable. I have asked him to limit his use and only check his facebook account a few times a week. He now sneaks around to check facebook. At his age (45) I feel he is addicted and allowing a social website to come between us when he knows how much his use bothers me.

  • Yes.

    People get cyberbullied even by some of their best friends. Plus with romantic relationships it causes even more jealousy than before. Like say your significant other added a new friend of the opposite sex and they've never mentioned that person before then you'll get jealous thinking he's cheating on you.

  • People get cyberbullied all the time.

    Most of the time cyberbullying starts with facebook, and other social networking sites. There are 1/3 teens that are repeatedley cyberbullided every day. Facebook should be used for keeping in touch with people you havent seen in a while. this social networking site should be used for responsible adults , not young teens

  • Yes.

    People who havent even met in real life get into relationships.
    It is better to talk someone in reallife and more than half things we say, we would never say in real life.

  • Come on guys...

    Guys, guys... Let's look at the bigger picture here! It isn't Facebook that is hurting relationships but rather the people who use Facebook. Look at it like this...If I were to accidentally or intentionally (which would be stupid) hit myself with a hammer would I blame the hammer? Surely not!

  • Facebook helps people stay in touch

    I am currently living in Argentina but I am from the USA. I have been away from my family and friends for a long time, and Facebook helps us to keep in touch and up-to-date with each other´s lives. However, I will say I find What´s app more helping for maintaining relationships.

  • There are a lot of people who would not be able to communicate without it.

    Facebook has certainly caused waves in human relationships. And, it has allowed people who have not seen each other in years to communicate with each other again. Whether it hurts relationships, rather than helps them, is something that needs to be determined on a case by case basis. Some may be hurt by it, but others may be helped.

    Posted by: ErvinAnime
  • Neither Facebook, or any other social networking site, can be said to help or harm relationships.

    A social networking site, such as Facebook, cannot either help or harm relationships. The quality of a relationship is dependent upon the user, the human being, who interacts in either a positive or negative way with his fellow humans through the site. Social networking, per se, just like technology, is neutral. Responsibility for the value of a relationship lies solely within a person or persons, not within any website.

    Posted by: TangyKen
  • I don't believe that facebook hurts relationships. I believe that unfaithful spouses ruin relationships.

    Facebook is not the root of problems within relationships. I believe that it is only the catalyst which allows people to find out that their significant others are not faithful to them.

    Posted by: AboardTod
  • Facebook is helping to create relationships not break them.

    Many of us have gotten in touch with old friend through this social website. For me its gotten me in touch with friends that I went to high school with. Furthermore, its a great medium in which to keep in touch. You let people know as much or as little as you like. Its great when you can get in touch with your friends when you left the country you grew up in.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • No, because Facebook is just another distraction, and does not directly hurt relationships.

    Facebook may not be the best thing for relationships, but I do not believe that it is capable of damaging a healthy relationship, any more than other distractions, such as video games, pornography, or any other item that can cause neglect. In all of these cases, the fault is not with Facebook or anything else. It is the inattentiveness to one's partner, or lack of consideration, that might be to blame for a damaged relationship.

    Posted by: CurvyErich46

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